Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Patchwork Update (3)

I couldn't resist doing another Patchwork Update, as due to my cold last week, the tiny hexy table runner is coming along a treat.  I just can't seem to resist adding a little more to it every night. Here's a photo of what it looks like now.

And here's where it's going to reside when it's finished.  You can see that it isn't that far off being big enough for this dresser, which is where I'm going to use it.

Progress only seems to be slowed down by the need to keep making more of the hexies in both fabric and paper, and baste them together. It's a bizarre mismatch of different prints, not to everyone's taste I'll admit, but I like the complete randomness of it.

I have started to remove some of the paper from the inner hexies that have already been sewn together, which does make it less structured, so I have decided that I will reinforce the patchwork once it is finished, with some black iron-on interfacing.  This should also prevent any holes emerging in the near future too.

I've made the runner quite narrow to begin with, but will probably add a row or two to the outside edge, before backing it with a co-ordinating fabric, to make it reversible.

I'll do a final post when it is finished.


  1. Looking good. You will have the runner finished in no time.

    God bless.

  2. I quite like it, but fear I'd go blind doing that much detail work.

  3. I like it, looks a bit punk inspired to me.