Friday, 12 February 2016

Bathroom Spring Clean

Thursday afternoon, I decided to tackle another spring cleaning job. Although I was part way through spring cleaning the kitchen, the bathroom was looking particularly grimy and desperately needed cleaning, so as it is a small room, I thought I'd go the whole hog and deep clean it.

I decided to take a slightly different approach on this occasion, inspired by a video I'd seen recently, whereby they suggested taking everything out of the room, to facilitate giving it a good clean.  I took everything from the shelves, windowsill, bath side and put them all outside on the landing.

This then gave me a lovely empty room to get started on, with no obstacles.  The only things left in there were cleaning products and tools.

(Apologies for the dark image above, as I didn't have the light on before I started, nor the flash on my camera)

I then got cleaning.  It took a couple of hours in all, but I started at the top, cleared away any cobwebs and then applied cleaner to the tiles from top to bottom.  I cleaned the grout between the tiles, sink, bath, toilet, shower screen, windows/sill and shelves and then started to put everything back, cleaning everything first, of course.

By the time I'd finished the whole room was sparkling clean.  In fact, I don't think I have managed to make it feel this clean since we refurbished it 6 years ago. It felt very satisfying indeed.

The system of removing everything did work quite well, as I didn't need to move things around to get to surfaces.  I will definitely use it again.

Here's some pictures of the finished results. (With lighting this time!)

One room down, I'll be back with another kitchen spring cleaning post soon.


  1. It is so satisfying to get a job like that done.

    1. I agree. I made sure I was the first person to shower in there too. Perk of my hard work!

  2. Loving it. Did you buy the baskets? Really good fit. I bought another picnic hamper at charity shop - up to 4 now! lol!

    1. Yes they were small ones from IKEA, but fitted perfectly. They just help keep things contained and looking tidy.

  3. Very satisfying but very exhausting.

  4. Good for you. pantry cupboards I love those baskets, they are perfect in the space.

    I managed to clean my pantry cupboards today. Just wondering how long they will look so nice and neat.

    God bless.