Sunday, 28 February 2016

A Bit of a Pamper Night and A New to Me Cleaning Recipe Fail!

After a couple of days knuckling down and doing some work on my small business, I'm feeling a lot happier. I managed to prepare, photograph and list all of the things I needed to, and although I haven't had any sales as yet, I'm optimistic that things will start moving again soon.  In any case, I can't sell anything if I don't have it listed, so at least I've made a move in the right direction.

The day after doing the above, I got an email from eBay telling me I've been trading in my current business for four years now.  Goodness, how time flies. It doesn't seem that long ago that I started things up from scratch.

To celebrate getting everything done, I decided to have a nice soak in the bath and a bit of a pamper session. I ran myself a lovely bath, filled with bubbles and home made bath salts and soaked for a while. It was very relaxing, spoilt only by the fact that I didn't have any home made bath bombs to put in it, as I'd used the last one a few weeks ago.

Afterwards I settled down to a spot of patchwork, followed by indulging myself by making some hot chocolate, which is something I rarely do.

I hadn't slept well the previous night and had ended up removing myself to the sofa downstairs, where I managed to fall asleep instantly. Sometimes just a change of room does the trick, but due to the fact that we gave away the single bed in the spare room, I couldn't move into there for the night.

In any case, the hot chocolate and warm bath seemed to prevent the same thing happening that night, so I felt a lot better after a good night's sleep.

The following day, due to the fact that I'd run out of bath bombs, I decided to make some more and whilst I had the ingredients out, I thought I'd try my hand at another natural recipe I'd found on Pinterest recently, this time a cleaning product, namely toilet bombs.

They work on a similar principle to bath bombs, but are useful for popping in the toilet bowl to freshen it up.  They are made from just three ingredients; bicarbonate of soda, citric acid and essential oil of your choice.

Unfortunately, these didn't turn out so well, as I don't think I added enough essential oil and they didn't clump together into solid forms in the ice cube tray, that could be put in a jar. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Rather than waste the resulting mixture, I decided to just put it into a mason jar and leave it in the downstairs toilet with a scoop, so that I can put a couple of scoops down the toilet as and when required.

Not quite so Pinterest worthy, but waste not, want not.


  1. Well, Mason jars are VERY Pinterest so I think you're winning! Hope you have lots of sales for your business 😀

  2. I am sure the next time you make your toilet bombs they will be perfect.

    I do the same thing when I have a problem sleeping, head to another room (usually the loveseat in the livingroom) and fall asleep immediately.

    God bless.

    1. I end up stressing and worrying that I keep OH awake, so that keeps me awake and the cycle repeats itself. I think that's why it works when I go into another room.

  3. I know that feeling... slept badly last night ! Husband made meatballs on Saturday & forgot the bread crumbs but they held together fine & I thought were nicer x