Saturday, 13 February 2016

Digging In

Friday, marked my first visit to the allotment this year.  We'd had several consecutive bright and dry days, which had allowed the ground to become easier to dig, so I decided to use the window of opportunity to get in there and get digging.

I'd pretty much cleared the plot back in December when I last visited, but had left a pile of plant debris in the middle of the plot and had only managed to find time to dig over one bed.  The first job was clearing the pile and putting it in the compost, so that I could properly get stuck in.

I'm afraid I forgot to take the camera, and there was no point taking photos on my phone, as I can't download them, so there are no accompanying photos to this post, but I'll make sure to take it on my next visit.

I got most of the plot weeded and dug over in the hour and a half that I was there and sowed some broad bean and parsnip seeds.  By the time I'd done all that, it was starting to get dark, so I headed home.

I'm trying to enjoy this season on the plot as much as I can, as it may be my last, if we get the garden at home set up for growing vegetables that is.  I'm trying not to think of it as a chore, but something enjoyable, and it is, it's just that leaving the comfort of home to go there, is sometimes hard to motivate myself to do.

I've made a start anyway, and as a bonus I dug up a few potatoes that had been left in the ground over winter. They look okay to eat, which is even better.


  1. I can't downloads photo's from my phone, so I pop them into an email to myself and then open and save on my computer.

  2. DH cleared our plot today and I'm due to weed tomorrow. I used to have an allotment but it was a mammoth task to get everything and me down there. Now we can just go out into the back garden to play as it is all given over to edibles.

    1. Sounds good. I'm hoping to be in a similar position by the end of the year.