Monday, 15 February 2016

All Change

It's been a strange start to the year this year, I feel like I've been slow to get moving and get productive, but I seem to be getting more into my stride as the year progresses.

It's mainly felt strange for me, because I've made a few changes to my normal routine, which I've more or less kept to for at least the last two years, some of it longer.

I'm talking about my fitness routine here, largely. I used to go to classes every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday mornings and Monday and Friday evenings, but there were a couple of the classes that I struggled to motivate myself to get to, namely Wednesday morning and Friday evening.

The former because the class didn't really appeal, (no disrespect intended to the instructor, who was lovely) and the latter because it involved driving across the east end of London at rush hour on a Friday evening. Sometimes I got caught in traffic and never got there and it always caused a bit of stress, as OH had to get back in time from walking the dog, so I could go.

Anyway, I've now stopped going to these two classes, and have found classes that I really enjoy on Thursday morning and Saturday morning. They are both Zumba classes with the same instructor and the footwork is quite challenging, so I'm having to really concentrate to pick it up.  Turns out I needed a good challenge to keep my interest.

Another benefit of these classes is that they are closer to home at a different centre, so I don't have to use parking vouchers to park my car, as I have a resident's permit to park around the corner.  This makes it a little less expensive and quicker to get to. Although the money isn't an issue, it's good to not have to order the parking tickets on line quite so often.

I'm now just about getting used to the new classes, a few people say hello, which is nice and I know one lady from a time when I used to go to the Saturday class a few years ago, when it had a different instructor. It's strange  not to see the people from the other centre quite so often, but I still see them on Mondays and Sundays and keep in touch.

I've also temporarily stopped going to the class on Monday evening, as I used to go with LB who had a trampolining lesson at the same time. As she's now given up these classes, although initially I still went, I've cut down how often I go and picked up an extra class in the morning instead.  I still like this class a lot and might go back to it occasionally, but for now the new routine seems to be working well and has breathed a breath of fresh air into my week.

I don't know what the consequences will be for my waistline yet, but we all need a bit of a change sometimes to keep us motivated.

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  1. Wow, now I see why you need your cute little bullet journal!