Sunday, 8 May 2022

A Long Weekend Off - Part Two

On the Bank Holiday weekend last week, OH wasn't cycling on Sunday morning, so he was free to come out with me to a car boot sale in Hertfordshire. I discovered it and posted about it a month ago.

We got up early-ish and headed out in the car with the dog. It only actually took us about 30 minutes to get to the Car Boot Sale, which was less than I expected.  It was very busy, with lots of stalls. I set off walking around whilst OH walked ahead to walk the dog. He's not so interested in looking at what is for sale.

It took me a good two hours to get around most of the car boot, by which time, many stalls were packing up ready to go home. I didn't look at every stall either or I'd probably have spent another hour at least. I probably spent about £25 in total this time around, most of which went on my favourite buy, this lovely brass bird cage, which cost £10. 

I bought it from a lovely old gentleman, who said it had been black when he'd bought it and he'd cleaned it up with vinegar and The Pink Stuff. He'd done a very good job. This was also interesting to know for future reference. It is missing it's door, but that didn't put me off as it's for purely decorative purposes anyway. I love it. I've stuck a tea light in the bird bowl. I could also put a plant in it, if I can find one that fits and allow it to grow through the bars.

Most of the other things I bought were small practical bits and pieces that I needed for different jobs/projects. A roll of brown wrapping paper, a fabric Sharpie pen, some ball point pens, a glass bowl, an elephant tea light holder, a sleeping bag (new with tags) but I've washed it anyway, a couple of small gifts, some large plastic plant pots for potting on large plants (10p each), some out of date vegetable seeds that will probably still germinate (six packs for £1) and a few items of clothing for me.

The clothes I bought included this silk (I think) scarf for 25p.

This dress was £1.50.

It's quite short, so I would need to wear it with leggings in the summer, but it's loose fitting and comfortable, so will be easy to wear.

This floral top is quite long and very pretty. It has lovely double fluted sleeves and cost 50p.

All definitely worth a try for the little I paid for them. I also bought a skirt for 50p, but it wasn't too flattering, so I will be donating it to charity.

It was interesting to note that this time around the entrance fee before 9am had been slashed to £2 and after 9am to 50p each, which was great. I will definitely go again.

On leaving the car boot sale, we made our way to a lovely little pub outside Hertford and stopped in for  Sunday lunch and then we took the dog for a short woodland walk in a sculpture park near Broxbourne, before heading home.  A lovely day out and just what I needed.

When we got back, OH started clearing the decking in the garden, as a whole strip of it, which is located immediately outside the back door, needs completely replacing. 

Here are some before pictures:

(Of course, the dog had to get her little butt in the picture)

In some places, the joists have rotted and need replacing and in other areas the decking planks themselves have completely rotted. It's a mess and has been getting progressively worse over the past few years. Obviously it is currently pretty precarious to walk on, so I'll be very happy when it's done.

He's doing a patch up job for now, as the cost of building/landscaping materials has soared since lockdown. We're just going to try to make good as best we can, as the various bits of decking deteriorate.

(The dog gets in the shot again!!)

Here's what it looked like by the end of Monday, when he'd finished clearing away the decking. It's now all ready to repair.

I hope you had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.


  1. You got some great deals. Love the top and the dress.

    God bless.

  2. Great deals! I love the cage! I'm intrigued by the fabric Sharpie pen. What colour is it and how is it different from a regular Sharpie?

    1. The fabric sharpie pen is black. I want it to write some labels to sew onto my handmade quilts.