Sunday, 16 January 2022

A Bit of Bloggy Reflection and an Unexpected Anniversary

Whilst out walking the dog today (Sunday), I was watching a couple of YouTube videos on my phone about manifesting good things in your life. I'm not into this kind of thing in any big way, but I do believe in the concept of serendipity and to some degree karma, and it got me thinking about a very interesting blog post I once read about the universe providing for your needs. I can remember linking to it in a blog post way back, so when I got back home, I decided to look back through the titles of blog posts I've created over the years, to see if I could find it. Unfortunately, I couldn't.

What started out as a search for this one post, then became a trip down memory lane, as I was reminded of the myriad of posts I've created over the last nine years. Yes, it's nine years this month, since I started on Blogger. I was surprised it was that long. I genuinely had no idea how long I've been blogging. I don't even think about it. I just do it and continue to do it because I enjoy it and I enjoy reading other people's blog posts.

It was interesting to scroll through past blog post titles. They revealed my activities through the years, including the charity shop hauls, frugal challenges, allotment gardening, decluttering, vintage collections, holidays, days out, sewing projects, books I've read, home makeovers, upcyles, etc. and every trend I've gravitated towards over the last nine years. It was quite a shock to see the range of subjects that I've posted about here, compared to the pretty boring posts I've been creating lately. 

Life has changed a lot since I started blogging. LB is now an adult, living her own life, although still currently living at home, for the time being at least. I'm now working and despite only working part-time, work seems to consume a large part of life, as I'm either recovering from it or just getting on with it. In some ways, it seems that life has narrowed somewhat, especially in the last two years with the pandemic, but in other ways, it feels like it has opened up new worlds to me.

During my search, I found a recipe for some dog paw salve on one post, which was very useful, as I needed to make a new batch, so I quickly rustled some up with what I had in the cupboard. The making my own toiletries trend didn't last too long with me and I still have the ingredients in the cupboard to prove it, albeit out of date. At least I was able to make use of some of them today. Being topical and external, I doubt they'll be harmful to the dog. She has a pretty robust constitution.

On one blog post thumbnail, I saw a photo of a favourite old pair of shoes, that I haven't owned for a long time, and it took me right back to my days as a mum at the school gate, taking and picking up LB from primary school. A small but poignant reminder of how life used to be. Time moves on and I'm glad it does (I never liked the school run!), and things inevitably change. It's good to be reminded, as it spurs us on to create the life changes we want and need. I don't know what the future looks like for me at the moment. I'm happy enough, but I need to keep finding new sources of inspiration and new outlets for my creativity and curiosity, that's just the way I am and have always been.

Do you ever look back on past posts to help inspire you as you move into the future? 

If I ever find that darn post, I promise I'll link it again.


  1. I haven't looked back at my posts in years, time slips away too quickly during the day. I should however make the time to do so.

    Congratulations on the blogging anniversary.

    God bless.

  2. We all change every year, some more than others. I too have craft things purchased, thinking I'm going to love this, and sadly I didn't, but I tried had some fun and moved on. I love your post, never miss reading them, it's always nice to pop down memory lane.

  3. I love looking at my archive! I must have a look at some of yours as I feel I've only known you relatively recently!

  4. P.S. Why don't you do what I do sometimes and copy and paste an old post into a new post and repost it with a little commentary about why you liked that post etc?