Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Tuesday Catch Up

Tuesday this week was a quietly productive day spent catching up with myself.  After our holiday and weekend away I needed to get down to some serious ironing and blog post writing and reading in order to catch up.   Thankfully our intruder alarm, which had been set off over the weekend whilst we were away, wasn't as a consequence of a burglary, but we suspect was caused by the unwelcome visitor we had had whilst we were in the US, whom we are still trying to track down and eliminate. With my mind at rest on that score and the fridge full of food from my shop last week, I was able to spend the day creating a few blogs about our holiday, booking gym classes for the coming week, and tackling this pile of ironing that had accumulated since our return.

Thankfully after a couple of hours I'd managed to reduce it to this, which felt very good indeed.

Little Bird had come home from our weekend away feeling unwell, so she was confined to the sofa with a virus and OH was very busy all day going out on appointments and trying to do some serious work in order to catch up himself.  So I was able to get on with the things I needed to do, whilst keeping an eye on Little Bird inside and the puppy outside, who is causing us some problems at the moment as she can be quite noisy barking and disturbing the neighbours.  Thankfully she was quite well behaved today, which was a relief.

I also managed to do some work for my small business, which I'd promised myself I would do whilst away and by the end of the day I was starting to feel a lot more on top of things and ready to resume my normal routine, as far as is possible during the school holidays.  I'm certainly looking forward to returning to my aerobics class tomorrow and getting my fitness levels back.  I do however still need to fit in a visit to the allotment as soon as I can and I'm not sure what kind of state it will be in after 3 weeks absence, so that will be my next priority.  By way of a reward, my day ended with a glass of wine whilst watching the Great British Bake Off.


  1. Hope little bird feels better & you get rid of the dreaded ironing pile !

    We came home to hatched out fleas on holiday - not pleasant !

    1. Oh no! I can't bear fleas because they always used to bite me as a child when we had 4 cats and they got into the carpets from time to time. I have a real dread of them now.
      Poor you.