Monday, 26 August 2013

Holiday Purchases

Sorry for being incommunicado for a few days, but we were staying with family in Yorkshire with no mobile signal and I couldn't use my dongle.  However, now back on the road to London, hoping that we haven't been burgled, as our intruder alarm went off over the weekend (OH got a text from a neighbour), I thought I'd publish a post I prepared before we set off.  So here goes.

Having spent a lot of money to go off on our holiday this year, we tried to be very careful in our spending, although this did prove quite difficult for us at times.  As a consequence, I didn't come home with suitcases full of new things much as I would have liked to, but managed to limit myself somewhat and just buy a few small but useful items.

I must admit to getting a bit obsessed in the washi tape department and bought 6 rolls of washi tape which was available quite cheaply in supermarket craft aisles, such as in Walmart and Target.  These were the tapes I picked up and in total they probably cost about $7 which is about £5.  There are some pretty designs amongst them.

I also bought a few rubber stamps whilst rummaging the craft aisles.  One was this very cute set of bird cage, bird, etc. which cost less than £1 and these alphabet stamps which cost £1.50 ish.  Here's a picture of the washi tapes and stamps I bought.

In addition to rubber stamps and washi tape, I had a bit of a splurge on cotton fabric in Walmart.  As many of you sewers out there know, cotton fabric can be very expensive in this country and 100% cotton hard to find for under £5 per metre.  In Walmart, I managed to buy 9 yards of fabric which averaged out at about £2.50 per yard.  I'm afraid this is one indulgence I just couldn't forgo.  I had to limit myself with regard to weight and room in my luggage and from the point of view of how much money I had, but I could happily have bought much more had these restrictions not applied, so it is just as well that they did.  I'm looking forward to using them on different projects.

There was a huge variety to choose from too and all in the local supermarket.  It was great.  Not so great for Other Half though, as food shopping took much longer with me and Little Bird perusing the craft aisles for ages.

I did also buy a couple of bits of clothing, some lovely purple shiny shorts for the gym (£5), which reminded me of some I wore when at school that were cerise pink satin.

I also bought a black racer back vest (£3) and some black jersey shorts for Little Bird (£2) that were so cute on her.   Even Other Half who hardly ever goes clothes shopping bought a couple of t-shirts.   He also had to buy a new suitcase too, as his old one gave up the ghost whilst on our travels.  I also bought a rather more expensive pair of high waisted navy shorts from a retro style store too, but they were on the sale rail.

The last few things I bought that are worth a mention are a little more strange.  Call me weird, but I have a thing for brown paper bags and these sandwich bags were on sale for 68 cents for 50 which is less than 1p each.  I bought two packs and Little Bird is keen to use them for her sandwiches and pop corn when she goes back to school and yes, I did carry them out of the store in a brown paper carton.  It was great, just like on TV and in the movies.  Whatever happened to them.  In the same store I also bought this plastic jam funnel which is something that I've wanted for a while for my jam-making endeavours.  It only cost a few dollars and will be very useful in the future.

Finally, I bought this lovely little pot of balm for skin irritations made by the Navajo Herb Company based in Arizona.  I bought it from the visitor centre at the Grand Canyon, which is located in a Native Indian reservation.  I have a bit of a penchant for alternative lotions and potions and just couldn't resist this lavender, sage and orange combination.  I'm classing it as a medication for the purpose of the beauty challenge.

A strange mix of things I know, but on a limited budget small things appeal.  Don't get me wrong I could have spent hundreds of pounds, but just couldn't afford to I'm afraid.  If I'd been a bit more farsighted I could have done some Christmas shopping too.  Maybe next time, if we're lucky enough to return to the US.

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