Friday, 2 August 2013

A Henna Treat for the Holidays

One afternoon this week, Little Bird and I ventured out to our local library.  There was a special holiday event for children whereby a henna hand painting session had been organised.  We took our bikes and got there on time as there were only a limited number of places available. 

As it turned out it wasn't full to capacity so it was nice and relaxed and the children got to draw some designs and do some word puzzles whilst waiting for their turn.  I left Little Bird creating her designs with the other children, whilst I popped downstairs to have a look in the library.  There was a book sale outside with books at 20p each and of course I had to indulge, causing the pile by my bed to get yet bigger.  I bought these 5 books which judging by the jackets look like they might all be enjoyable to read.  I also took a few travel books out relating to our holiday to do a bit more research before we go.

When I returned to the henna hand painting, they had almost finished painting the hands of all the children, so the lady organising the event asked the few mums present if they would like their hands painted.  I jumped at the chance as I don't think I've ever had it done.  The young lady who painted my hand painted a very beautiful floral design.  It took minutes and I was delighted with the results.  The henna they used was one without chemicals and they warned us of the dangers of some henna hand paint products that can leave burn scars on the skin.  Here's a picture of the design painted on my hand.  I think it is lovely.

The dark brown henna crumbles off when dry to leave a reddish brown tattoo like stain which lasts a week or two.  Here is the henna tattoo after the henna paste has come off. (I don't think I'll be making the grade as a hand model any time soon, it's amazing how hands can show your age sometimes).

And here is Little Bird's tattoo.

Perfect for our forthcoming holiday, but I fear it might have worn away by then.   I took the details of the hand painters for future reference, as it would be a lovely activity for Little Bird's birthday party one year.   I know she and her friends love having this done and I'd enjoy it too!


  1. I love this ! Would love a Henna Tattoo

    1. Hi Penny, I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately with washing up, showering etc. it has almost worn off already. The designs are so pretty though that I would like to get it done again.