Sunday, 12 June 2016

Normality Resumes

Our visitors from New Zealand departed today.  They are staying one more night in London, with another relative, before making their way to stay with other relatives in the Midlands and then travels beyond into Europe.

I hope they've enjoyed their stay, although they've been incredibly unlucky with the weather, as the music festival they attended on Saturday was met with a series of torrential downpours.

We've tried to be good hosts, but you never can tell what expectations people have and whether or not they were actually met.  Maybe they didn't have any.  As they were quite young, (i.e. mid twenties), we mostly left them to their own devices to explore London, thinking that this would probably be what they would prefer.

In any case, OH had to work during the week, as we'd been away the previous week and he had a lot to catch up on, and I had my shifts at the charity shop and classes to attend as usual, so I hope they didn't feel too abandoned.

We did venture out with them today to Columbia Road Flower Market, Brick Lane and Spitalfield's Sunday Fashion Market which was nice, despite it still being pretty dismal weather wise.

Living in London, we tend to take a lot of what is on our doorstep for granted and don't always get out into other parts of town, preferring to just get on with our daily lives near to where we live.  It may seem a little boring to outsiders, but it suits us.  Having said this I am starting to appreciate travelling to another part of London to do voluntary work, as it is widening my horizons a little.

Although we always enjoy having visitors, it is quite nice to get our house back to ourselves. LB kindly gave up her room for our visitors to stay in, so she was very happy to move back in there this afternoon.

We're now looking forward to a normal, straightforward week this week, with no out of the ordinary commitments, so that we can get back on track with our normal day to day tasks and goals.


  1. It's always good to 'get back to normal' after holidays, visits, etc.

  2. I think many people are the same, you get into your routine just get on with things rather than deal with the faff of getting out and about. As I've said lots of times before I know people here who visit the beach maybe twice a year, if that!

  3. I love company and love getting away.... I love having my home back to normal even more.

    God bless.