Sunday, 19 June 2016

A Chilled Weekend

This weekend has been lovely and quiet and very chilled.  On Friday evening, LB was staying out at her friend's house next door, to celebrate their birthday, so we had a relaxing evening at home alone. We were going to go out to eat, but had both woken up very early on Friday morning and were tired, so a quiet night in together it was.

On Saturday, LB was out again, all day until 9pm, celebrating another friend's birthday, so we had more time to ourselves.  I had a class booked in the morning, so after a long lie in reading, I got up.

Whilst OH was out with the dog I hoovered, swept and mopped through most of the house, did some washing and generally caught up on household chores, before heading out for my class on my bike.  I felt like I'd done lots of exercise before I even got there.

When I got back OH was out watching the rugby in the pub, so I carried on where I'd left off for a while until he got back and we both had some lunch.

After lunch I indulged myself by taking time to read a weekend broadsheet and then took a lovely long soak in the bath.  Meanwhile, OH decided to tackle the last corner of our newly landscaped vegetable garden.  The foxgloves were by now going to seed, so it was time to dig them out and lay some ground cover fabric and mulch.

He didn't have quite enough mulch to finish the job, so it still needs to be topped up, but otherwise, save for acquiring a garden bench and making some adjustments to the wire vegetable bed covers, it is now finished. Here's a picture of it as it is now along with a shot of the whole of this part of the garden now.

I have placed our one and only garden chair here for the moment, so that I can at least sit in the space, with a cup of tea on a sunny day and enjoy the view.

We do actually have some more garden chairs in the shed, under a whole heap of clutter I've been meaning to clear for a couple of years now. Maybe we'll finally get around to clearing it out this summer.

I do, however, need OH's help with this job, as there's some monster spiders in there, that I just can't face alone.  If we do manage a clear out, I might use two of those chairs in this space for this summer, then maybe get a bench next year to help spread the cost.

As a consequence of the above activity, I didn't even turn my computer on until 4pm on Saturday, which is unusual for me, so I had a much needed digital break too.

Later on Saturday, after walking the dog, we decided to go out for supper to a local restaurant that we haven't been to before.  We followed this, by picking up LB from her friend's house and then we all returned home together for the remainder of the evening.

We're not planning on going out anywhere for Father's day on Sunday, as LB has been out all weekend thus far, so I'm sure she'll want to spend some time at home. I'm planning on spending the afternoon in the garden, getting a few more jobs done, weather allowing.

I do like weekends like this, where we take it easy and just enjoy spending time at home in a leisurely fashion, getting on with everyday life.  We spend very little money and just get on with the things that need doing and help to keep life simple and run much more smoothly.


  1. A perfect weekend. Wishing you a perfect week.