Sunday, 26 June 2016

An Interesting Weekend

It's been an interesting weekend this weekend, especially following the vote on Thursday.  I've been trying to keep updated on events online and in the newspapers.

We took it easy on Saturday, and on the evening attended the 50th birthday party of a lovely friend from the gym, which turned out to be a really nice evening, with a nice mix of people in a very pleasant venue. We had to leave a little early, as OH had a cycle race the next day, for which he had an early start.  It was subsequently cancelled due to flooded roads on the route, which was a bit annoying, as we could have stayed longer at the party after all.

Needless to say, I was a little worse for wear on Sunday morning, so I had a bit of a lie in.  I didn't do my regular class at the gym, as OH had the car, so I stayed in bed and read for a while instead.

I mostly spent the day reading the broadsheets, catching up on ironing, walking the dog, etc., which was very leisurely indeed. Going out anywhere on a weekend in the car in particular, is impossible in London, due to increased traffic on the roads, so we like to stay home and take it easy.

We were invited round to our neighbours on Sunday evening to discuss some plans to jointly extend our kitchens to the side of our houses.  Discussions seemed to go very well and as a consequence, the planning applications will be going in shortly and we will be getting quotes from builders.

This project will, of course, involve a new round of money saving measures, which we are prepared for. We aren't taking a holiday abroad this summer in an attempt to save up some money and I will be starting to put money into a savings account from next month, although I doubt it will be much at first. We will just have to see how we go.  We do have some savings to put towards it, but we will have to find money to add to it.

Expenditure on anything other than essentials, will have to be completely curbed, which will be a challenge, but a necessary one.  I can't say that I'm looking forward to it, but I am feeling much more motivated, especially now things are beginning to get moving on the project.

I'm back to only two days at the charity shop this week, which will give me a little more time to myself.  An allotment visit is necessary, so this will probably take care of it.  I also have to procure an 18th birthday present for a nephew this week, so a bit of shopping, either in person or online will be necessary.

I'm hoping there won't be too many more shock waves, in the coming week and that things will settle down a little. Have you had a good weekend?

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