Sunday, 5 June 2016

Camper Van Interior Tour

Although we are now safely back in London and have parted ways with the van, as promised, I took a few photos of the van, as we began our travels, just to give you some idea of our accommodation for the duration.

It's quite an old van, well over 20 years old, but runs well, is pretty reliable and very well equipped and fitted out.  It had all of the conveniences that we could possibly want, including a toilet, running cold water, fridge, gas rings, oven and grill and electric lighting and socket.  A little home from home really.

I love the way that camper vans utilise even the smallest space, making it pay it's way.  A lot of thought has obviously gone into their design, to make best use of every inch of space.

All of our personal items and food easily fitted into the storage cupboards and wardrobe.  Here's a few photos of the interior.

Kitchen area, complete with fridge full of food. The cupboards above the sink contain all of the crockery we needed on our travels and the small drawer to right the cutlery.

Dry food storage was plentiful in the cupboards above the seating along one side of the van.

Here's the seating bench below these cupboards, which converted to a single bed at night.  After the first night, I moved onto this bed which was much better for my back.

Up above the driver and passenger seats (behind these curtains) was a space for bedding during the day, that converted to a bed for LB at night.  There was a ladder to climb up there.

This table and seating benches also converted to a large single/small double bed at night, but made a great eating/sitting area during the day and had seatbelts for LB to travel safely in the back.

The dog was happy enough sleeping in her travel cage when we were moving around, but often slept on the seating bench itself when we were parked up.  She loved staying in the countryside and enjoyed looking out of the window at the ducks and rabbits roaming around the campsites.

Finally, here's the door to our small wardrobe and toilet. There was a heater below the wardrobe, but unfortunately it didn't work.  To keep warm on colder days we boiled the kettle or lit the grill, which soon warmed up the van.

The van provided great accommodation for us.  It could be a bit stressful at times, due to lack of space at busy times, such as mealtimes or when getting ready in a morning, but we generally found it to be perfectly adequate for our needs.  

Had the weather been fine enough to sit outside, there was also a table and chairs that we could use and an awning that we could pull out and sit underneath.

We would quite like to borrow the van again in the summer (hopefully with better weather), if it's convenient for OH's parents, of course, as the weather did spoil this trip slightly. We feel that it might be a very different experience in sunshine and warm weather. We'll have to see if it is possible and will keep you posted.


  1. Lovely to be able to borrow the camper van and get away x

    1. Yes, Penny, we were very fortunate to be able to borrow it. We're the only ones in the family, as OH is the only person insured for it.

  2. What a lovely set up. I do hope you get a chance to borrow it again when the weather is nicer.

    God bless.