Thursday, 16 June 2016

Courtney Carver's 21 Day Decluttering Challenge

Yesterday, I was reading a post on Courtney Carver's blog Be More With Less and as I reached the bottom of the post, I saw that she was posting videos on YouTube, as part of a free 21 Day Decluttering Challenge.  I decided to take a look on her YouTube channel and watch the videos she had already posted.

As a consequence, I've decided to join the challenge and do as much as I can.  I'm not promising to carry out every single part of the challenge, but I will do as much as I possibly can.

The first video asks you to write a letter to the stuff you want to declutter. Thank it for coming into your life when you needed it, but explain that it is now time to let go and move forward with your life. In addition, it encourages you to explain why you want to let go and what you want to move towards.

I did this, although I did feel a little silly, but it was actually quite cathartic. Acknowledging why you might have bought something and why you  no longer need it in your life is quite liberating and helps you feel gratitude for whatever it was that it provided you with whilst you owned it.

The video for day two sets out the Three Commandments for taking the challenge, which should be adhered to for the duration.

These are:

1. Enter into a non-essential spending ban for the next 20 days to avoid accumulating more stuff while you are in the process of decluttering.

Any wants that arise in the next 20 days should be committed to paper and considered after the challenge has ended.

2.  Do NOT compel those around you to join the challenge with you. Focus only on your own stuff.

3.  Go at a pace that best suits you.

To join in with the rest of the challenge subscribe to Courtney's YouTube channel and complete each task for the next 19 days.

Here's the link for Day one, i.e. the first video mentioned above.

Does anyone else fancy joining in?

Please note that I am not sponsored in any way in writing this post, but just found this challenge an interesting one, that I thought others reading might enjoy.

Good luck if you do join in.  I'll post periodically about my progress.


  1. Right now I am trying to declutter my sewing/craft room. Taking my time and only working 15 minutes before I stop, any longer and I start to keep things that need to be gone.

    Good luck with your challenge.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks Jackie. I'm not going at it gung ho, but just doing what I can for each task, even if it means decluttering just one or two items.