Monday, 20 June 2016

Homemade Natural Bubble Bath

Wednesday, last week, whilst spending the day at home, I decided to make another natural beauty DIY.

I've been using UK brand Organic Surge bath foam for a while now, and I have enjoyed using it, but as I was running low and have already spent beyond my monthly budget on household/beauty products, I decided to have a go at making some home made bubble bath/bath foam this time around.

I'd bought a very pretty glass jar from Family Bargains the other week for just £1.49, which was just perfect for the purpose and sat empty waiting to be filled.

I took a look around on YouTube for a recipe and came across a couple of recipes that used one of two main ingredients to make bubble bath. One used Castille soap and another used dish washing soap.

As a child I can remember my mum often using Fairy Liquid in our bath, if we didn't have any bath foam, so I decided to give this recipe a go.  This choice was compounded by the fact that I had bulk ordered eco washing up liquid last month, so had plenty, but had just run out of Castille liquid soap.

The recipe concerned required the following ingredients:

1 cup of unscented dish washing soap

2/3 cup glycerine (preferably vegetable although I only had non-vegetable)

Essential oils for fragrance (I chose a combination of Lavender, Eucalyptus and Geranium)

In addition, I decided to add a couple of other ingredients, namely a splash of rose water and a splash of sweet almond oil.

Here is the resulting mixture in it's jar. It's not a very exciting colour I must admit, although I probably could add some sort of food colouring if I wanted to. I don't mind it as it is though.

I didn't quite have enough glycerine to make enough to fill the jar, but this amount is plenty to be getting on with.

I added a label to the bottle and put it on the shelf in the bathroom in readiness for taking my next bath.

A couple of days later I used it for the first time.  It works pretty well.  Well enough for me to make it regularly and dispense with the need to buy bath foam.  I do use it in conjunction with my home made bath bombs and bath salts, which together all help to make a relaxing bath which makes my skin feel soft and is fragrant and foamy enough for my own personal requirements.

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  1. Good for you on finding recipes for all your DIY beauty products. You are doing a fantastic job switching over.

    God bless.