Thursday, 30 April 2015

Monthly Favourites - April

Another month comes to an end and this month I have to admit that I have had another slight lapse in the frugality department and have bought a couple of new items for my capsule wardrobe. I have now virtually completed the Spring/Autumn/Winter version, so these were some of the final things I needed to buy in this regard. I haven't actually considered if there is anything I need for summer, just a few vest/sleeveless tops I think might suffice.

I purchased these particular items at this point in the year, mainly because they were in a half price sale on ASOS's website, but I am so not regretting it, as I'm pretty sure I could never have got such good deals anywhere else.

The first was this pair of black knee high leather boots which at £37.50 were a great price. They were a bit of a gamble, as I have rather a wide calf, so I wasn't sure if they would fit me in this area.  I sized up one size for this reason, which I often do with boots. When they actually arrived, they fitted pretty well.  I wasn't so keen on the fact that they don't have a full length zip, which makes them a little tricky to take off, but once I'd tried them on with tights, I found this a lot easier. I really like them though and they are a nice simple design and will look good worn with skirts next autumn/winter. These have replaced the Clark's boots which I had had for a good few years and which I have recently donated, as they were looking very tired and I no longer enjoyed wearing them.

The second item was this pair of leather Chelsea ankle boots at £33. I finally parted with my pointed black (previously tan - I dyed them) Chelsea boots this year in my wardrobe shake up, as they were falling apart and I couldn't see a way to repair them. These I bought to replace them, as they are a great boot for everyday wear in the autumn/winter/spring, especially with trousers.  I love the contrast trim on these. I've worn them once and found them very comfortable, if a little stiff. I think they just need wearing in a little.  I am leaving them in my spring/summer capsule, as I think I might wear them quite a bit in the next couple of months.  Good for rainy days.

Moving away from relatively big purchases, I did also buy a couple of small things this month, one of which was this Scandalous Nude Khol Eyeliner by Rimmel.  I heard about this on a YouTube video and thought I might like to try it to brighten up my eyes a little.  I had tried Little Bird's white eyeliner, but wasn't so enamoured by it. This one, however, is perfect and I really enjoy wearing it on my waterline. You can tell I've been using it a lot as it is already looking a little messy and needs a good sharpen. (Please note, it was bought before I made a firm decision to go 'organic and natural'.)

One other favourite this month is another show I've started to watch on Netflix called Bloodline. After finishing watching the final two episodes of Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt, I was looking around for another series to watch.  I had initially started watching the first episode of this new series with OH, but at the time we both decided it wasn't for us and didn't even finish watching it.  Anyway, I've gone back to it and this time around I'm loving it.  It's set in the Florida Keys and is about the secrets/lies, etc. that lay beneath the surface of a prominent family's life.

Finally, I have also been loving this candle bought for me for Mother's Day by Little Bird.  It is a grapefruit scented soy wax candle and smells divine.  I love, love, love it.  That's all for this month. I'll be back with more favourites next month.

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  1. Love your high boots, if the zip stops a bit high, they will be watertight.