Friday, 24 April 2015

A Friday Dog Walk

I decided to take the dog on a different walk today, one I don't do very often, as I wanted to combine her walk with a visit to the allotment.  We live approximately 4 miles from the centre of London in the East of the metropolis.

Surprisingly, all around us are some wonderful dog walks only a short distance from our front door.

I took the car to the allotment on this occasion, and walked the dog when we got there.  First, we crossed over the canal on a little bridge. Great view of the canal boats from here.

Then down a little shady path, with the marina on one side and a reservoir on the other.

Here the dog is waiting patiently for me to scoop the poop, and take a photo, before continuing.
Then it was though a little wooded area, you can just see a den/teepee that has been built from branches in the bushes.

On we go though a little woodland,

until we reach a clearing.

Then we had to pass under the railway lines.  Watch your head!  You have to duck down unless you're 5' tall or shorter.  (Obviously the dog didn't have a problem here!)

Through a picnic area.

You could have a proper outdoor banquet at this super long picnic table, complete with throne at the head.

Maybe someone did, as around the corner I found this disgusting mess.  It's a pity that people don't take their litter home with them.

Onwards we go, past the mural.

Pictures of the local wildlife, the cattle are often grazing in fields around here. Then down a very parched path. We've had very little rain now for a month.

And into a lovely big field.

Down the newly built wooden walkway

and onto the canal path where there are boats of every shape and size.  There is a large water dwelling community in this area.

Over another foot bridge 

and on past the marina where many more boat dwellers live.

I do love to walk along the canal.  The boats remind me that there is a simple way to live, if you so choose.  For some people, I'm sure it isn't a choice, as property has got more and more expensive in London.  

Then it was back to where we started and off to the allotment to do a bit of work on the plot.  I hope you enjoyed the walk.


  1. I loved the walk apart from the litter.

    1. Me too. It was in a little glade in the middle of a little woodland. Such a pity. I don't even know if the park rangers know it is there.

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  2. I loved your walk - thank you !