Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Glorious Tuesday

Yesterday, was a glorious day here in London.  I don't know what the temperatures reached, but the sky was clear blue and it was very warm indeed.  In fact, so warm was it, that it could have been mistaken for a summers day.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the sky, as I was on my way to my blood donation appointment after lunch.  This picture was taken in Stratford, East London, home of the Olympic Park, an area of London that has been seriously regenerated in the run up to and since the staging of this huge global event in 2012.

On this particular visit, it was great to see people sat on the grass in the churchyard, catching a bit of sun on their lunch hour. London, like anywhere, becomes a completely different place when the sun shines. Everyone fills the streets and parks (even more than usual), often until it gets dark, making the most of every second of sunshine.  I think one reason for this is that many people don't actually have a garden, so to sit outside in the sunshine makes a lovely change.

Walking our dog off lead in the summer months often proves very difficult, as she constantly runs over to people sat on the grass in the park, in the hope of sharing in their picnics.  Not their fault, we just have to persevere with the training and exert more control where we can.

On the subject of warm weather, I am usually pretty late to the party with regard to getting out the summer clothes, as I have been caught out on numerous occasions. However, even I might be tempted to get a few lighter bits of clothing and footwear out, if this warm weather continues. Luckily, I've just ordered Little Bird some short sleeved school shirts, which is just as well, before they get sold out.

OH heard on the radio yesterday, that we're in for a 3 month heatwave. I'm not sure if this was the start of it, but I'm not complaining either way.

Today, partly due to the good weather, but largely I have to admit, due to the fact that the car has gone in for a service, I cycled to and from the gym which gave me an extra hour of exercise.  It's only the second time I've used my new bike.  As I've mentioned before, I was put off the day after buying it, by a tragic fatal cycle accident that happened near to where I live, one of five so far this year in London. This issue is never far from my mind when I cycle in the city, but this is probably a good thing as it makes me more careful.  Fortunately, most of my journey is on very safe cycle routes, canal paths and through parks, but just this morning I saw a lorry driver making a left hand turn with one hand and speaking on his phone with the other.

Anyway, I'm safely back home now and am about to start sowing some seeds in the sunshine.  I hope it's as glorious where you are and you are enjoying it.


  1. I love seeing the city parks full of folk enjoying the sunshine. i went for a lovely walk on the beach. dillon gets over excited & when it gets really busy I have to change my summer walks to the streams & woods where it's quiet !

    Sorry to hear about the cycling tragedies - no wonder you are cautious.

    I have got summer clothes out as prepping for the shop sale so yesterday it was cropped trousers no socks !

    1. I've spent the last day or so putting away much of my winter wardrobe and getting out my spring/summer clothes too. It feels nice to be able to wear a few different things.

      I must admit I haven't gone without socks just yet though. I hope the shop sale goes well. I look forward to hearing about it should you decide to blog it.

  2. I need to do the clothes switch over too but it has been very cool here again all week although I have been wearing shoes rather than boots which feels a bit strange.
    I used to love coming across those little communal gardens with railings round in London where the nearby residents can sit out in the sun and chat. They remind me of the Secret garden in a way and I always wanted to go and wander around in one.