Monday, 15 December 2014

Streetbank's Give a Thing Away Each Day this Advent - Days 11-15

I'm joining in with's challenge to give something away every day this advent, to make a stand against the consumerism of the festive season and am posting every 5 days about the different giveaways I have managed to carry out.

Day 11 - For day 11, I started to gather together another bag of unwanted items to this time take to Age UK in Dalston, Hackney.  They are hoping to generate 500 donated bags of clothes and bric a brac to raise funds to help older people living in Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Newham.  I can't actually drop this bag off until later this week, when they have a late night drop off event, but it will be put aside until then ready to take.

Day 12 - After completing my gift wrapping today, I had a few tubes of men's Bench Shower Gel that I bought as gifts, but which were surplus to requirements, so I've decided that these can be donated to a local homeless hostel or possibly even Crisis at Christmas if they are willing into to accept them.  I've also found a couple of other new and unused toiletry items which I'm hoping they'll also accept.  I'll let you know where I eventually take them.

Day 13 - As it was the weekend, I put a couple of items outside the house for other people to take if they wanted to.  The items I put out were a hanging rail that I bought on eBay a few years ago, with the express purpose of using for car boot sales.  As I don't intend to do any more and it was clogging up my sewing room, I decided to donate it to whomever wants it.  In addition, after a move around at home there were two IKEA table tops with legs stored under the spare bed and I decided to let go of one.  I doubt I'll ever need two tables.  This too, complete with legs, was put outside for anyone to take away with them.  I kept one just in case I ever need a bigger desk in my sewing room.

Day 14 - Yesterday, I put a few more items into the TRAID container on our high street.  They included a couple of inexpensive summer dresses I bought on-line for Little Bird, which she hardly ever wore.  Hopefully, some little girl somewhere in the world will be happy to wear them.

Day 15 -  Over the weekend, I gathered together a few more books I no longer want and which have been sat unread on the bookshelf in my bedroom for at least 3 years.  I doubt if I'll ever read them and they no longer appeal to me.   I dropped them into the Little Free Library once again on my way out this morning.  I know I'm donating this way quite a lot in the course of this challenge, but it is very convenient, as I can put books in there at any time of the day and am not restricted by opening times, which this week is really important for me as I'm out all day every day.

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