Saturday, 13 December 2014

All Set for Christmas

After a mad few days, I had a marathon wrapping session on Friday, managing to get virtually every present I had bought, wrapped and ready to give this Christmas.  It was a great feeling.  I do still have to write the tags on OH and Little Bird's gifts, but I will do this as I put them under the tree on Christmas Eve.

All the gifts are bagged according to where they need to go, as we tend to visit various members of the family in different places over Christmas and New Year.  I've found over the years that organising them like this makes life so much easier and also saves presents getting bashed around as you look for others whilst on your travels.  There are a couple of labels I need Little Bird to write and the odd present that I can't quite wrap yet for whatever reason, but apart from these the job is done and I am thankful that it is.  I even managed to post some presents off to some family members that we probably won't get to see over the festive period, as they are going away on holiday.

After buying some new wrapping paper this year, I found I didn't even open a couple of rolls of it, as I made sure I used up existing rolls in my stash.  I'm sure many people just give their old rolls to charity each year, which I may start doing, but I do tend to keep it and use it the following year.  I'd be surprised if anyone could remember if they're getting the same paper two years running, but I might be proved wrong.

The same went for the cards.  I managed to get them all written on Saturday.  Like with the wrapping paper, I did buy a few new packs this year, but found I didn't need a couple of them just yet, so they'll be left unopened until I use them next Christmas.  As they are charity cards from a local charity here in London, I doubt whether anyone will know they are from a previous year's issue.  Most of the individual cards I send to my nearest and dearest I buy in the sales in January, mostly from M & S as they do some very good reductions and their cards are always very good quality.

OH and Little Bird still have some cards to write and presents to wrap, but I am chivvying them along so that we all can get the cards at least, sent out this week.  I just need the stamps now. 

I even collected my new glasses from the opticians today as they were ready after just two days.  Very quick indeed.  It feels good to be able to see a little better too.

The rest of this weekend is all about catching up with ironing, washing, putting laundry away and making sure the house is tidy.  Sales for the business have almost ground to a halt and there are very few Gym classes left to attend before the festive period begins proper, which I don't actually mind too much, as now I can slow down a little and spend some time getting myself and our home organised for the big day.   What a difference a couple of days make.  How are your preparations coming along?


  1. Tree up by Jess & Joe & all the presents they are giving under the tree... must catch up ! ( maybe they'd like to cook Christmas dinner too ! )

  2. I'm nearly there - just a couple of cards to post and one large present to wrap. I don't really know how to do it as my paper is not wide enough and my shiny material is not big enough to wrap round. Perhaps I'll just stick a big bow round it.