Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Catch Up Tuesday

As usual, Tuesday this week was my catch up day.  It always comes on the back of a manic Monday, so I'm always relieved to be able to catch up with myself a little on a Tuesday and start writing and reducing the week's to do list.

I always start the day with a good dog walk and it was a nice bright, but cold winter morning, which always makes for an enjoyable walk.  When I get back, it's time for a lovely cup of tea to warm me up, before starting work on whatever needs doing.

This Tuesday, I had to get some more stock ready and a couple of parcels ready to send.  Business is slowing off, but I still get the odd busy day, particularly at weekends.  I'm winding it all down now and looking forward to Christmas for a bit of a break, as it has been pretty hectic.

Once I'd done the main jobs for my business, I had a spot of lunch and then got ready to go out and do a few errands around and about, i.e. buying stamps, posting items, taking some books back to the library, plus a couple of other drop offs for the advent giveaways.  It felt good to get these jobs done and then catch up with a bit of blog reading and posting.  I've not been posting so much lately, as I just haven't felt particularly inspired, due to being busy with other things. I'm sure it's the same for many bloggers at this time of year.

Tuesday, was also the day I decided to open up my sealed box.  I've been saving 10p's, 20p's an 50p's when I remember, which hasn't been that often this year.  When I counted up I'd saved £45, which didn't seem much for a whole year's savings, especially when £14 of that was in the box on 1st January carried over from the last few months of the year before.  I was a bit disappointed with myself, but to be honest I never have much money in my purse, as I tend to use my debit card most of the time these days and if I'm honest, I just forgot most of the rest of the time to put any change in the box. 

Regardless of the relatively small sum, it will come in pretty handy as today I went out for a meal with some friends from the gym after our aerobics class, by way of a kind of Christmas celebration.  It's not something we've done before, so I was looking forward to it.  We had lunch at Wagamama;s which I've never been to before.  I had a chicken and mandarin salad, which was huge.

Later this week I've got an optician's appointment, hopefully a hair cut and colour and a school assembly, so it's quite a busy one.


  1. You may have a rest on Christmas Day!

    1. I'm looking forward to it. After I've cooked dinner of course.