Tuesday, 16 December 2014

A Bit Of A Move Around

In the last few weeks, I haven't really had time to do much making or sewing,  in part because I've been busy with my small business, but also because I haven't really had proper access to my sewing room for a couple of months.

For some reason Little Bird had become what seemed like a permanent fixture in there, as she had taken to sleeping in the spare double bed on a nightly basis.  She still used her own bedroom occasionally, but her belongings have gradually spread all over the top floor of the house causing quite a bit of untidiness (She's not the tidiest child, bless her).

This recent turn of events also meant that I have found it hard to create a space for myself in the house, that I could retreat to and relax when I needed to.  As a consequence, I've been getting a little stressed lately and so we made an agreement the other week, that if we moved the double bed from the sewing room into her bedroom, she would move back into her own room and free up my sewing space once again.  This weekend, we finally got around to making this happen.

It took a couple of hours to switch the beds around and put fresh linen on them.  In the process of doing this,  I also took the opportunity to once again sort through the linen cupboard and found several more things that I no longer wanted to hang on to, which subsequently went in the charity shop bag.  One side of  this cupboard is now half empty and I'm hoping that OH will build some shelves into it for me, to help keep it tidy in the future.

Whilst switching the beds over, we also made the decision to let go of a couple of pieces of surplus furniture.  One was a table top and legs from IKEA stored under one of the beds, and the other a mobile clothes rail which had been cluttering up my sewing room.  Both were duly put outside for anyone passing to help themselves to, as part of my advent give away.  There's still another table being stored under Little Bird's new bed, just in case I might need it at some point in my sewing room, but I can't see me needing two, as there's just nowhere to put them up.

Slowly, but surely I feel that I am getting to grips with some of the clutter, most of it created by myself, I have to admit.  I've got quite a few plans for further clutter clearing and reorganising in the New Year, in both Little Bird's bedroom and our own, and I am looking forward to streamlining even more next year.  It feels good to be in a place where I finally feel able to do this.

The outcome of our efforts this weekend is that there is now just  a single bed in my sewing room, so the room feels a lot more spacious and I have been able to rearrange a few small pieces of furniture, which were previously preventing me from opening drawers easily. 

Even small changes like these can make life so much easier.  It seemed silly to have a large bed in there, taking up so much room and which very rarely got slept in by guests, so it makes sense for Little Bird to enjoy the space to spread out.  (She's quite an active sleeper).

There's still a lot of tidying to do in my sewing room, as it's got into rather a mess since I've been busy in the lead up to Christmas, but there's no hurry.  I will probably get around to it in the few days before Christmas or even over the festive period.  I'm hoping that now I've reclaimed the space, I might even get sewing or making again some time in the New Year.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. Craft items are strewn all over the house here, hopefully after tomorrow I might be able to reclaim some order for a day or two!

    1. sounds like you've been busy. good luck getting to grips with it.