Saturday, 20 December 2014

Streetbank's Give a Thing Away Each Day of Advent - Days 16 - 20

I'm still continuing with this Reverse Advent challenge, suggested by, to give something away each day of Advent, in an attempt to counter the excessive consumerism of Christmas.  

I managed to find time to distribute all the items put aside in my last post, that I wasn't able to drop off immediately, namely the Age UK bag which was taken to their drop off evening this week.  I also took the toiletries to Crisis at Christmas, who were happy to accept them, along with a cheque from OH to facilitate another person to have lunch with them on Christmas day.  It felt good to catch up with my donations this week.  However, I'm now finding it a little more difficult to think up new and original ways of donating.  I started off well enough, but am starting to run out of steam.  I'll keep persevering though.  Here are my advent give aways for days 16 to 20.

Day 16 - Whilst sorting through the linen cupboard at the weekend, I found a couple of blankets and a few duvet covers with pillow cases that I no longer wanted as I'm trying to move towards darker coloured bed and bathroom linens.  These were bagged up and put in the TRAID container on the high street which recycles textiles.

Day 17 - I took a magazine with me today to my destination and once I'd read it I left it in the waiting area for other people to read.

Day 18 - One more book to the Little Free Library.

Day 19 - Another bag of clothing and shoes was accumulated by another purge of my wardrobe and taken to the charity shop.  I'm now having to get a bit more ruthless to find things to donate, which is all good.

Day 20 -  Whilst going through my wardrobe once again for the above donation, I also came across a couple of pairs of shoes that I decided to pass on to Little Bird, as they are not far from her size.  I'm not sure how often she'll wear them, as I'm not sure they're her 'style', but hope she will.   I'll give it a few months and if they haven't been worn, I'll just pass them on to the charity shop.  At least if they're still in the house, if I change my mind and want to wear them again I can!


  1. I love this advent giving. I had such pleasure seeing our shop volunteers open their presents from Santa last night at our shop party.

    1. I sometimes think there is much more pleasure in giving than receiving, but I do like to get the odd gift or treat to myself now and again.