Thursday, 12 January 2017

My New Bullet Journal

Sometime last year I wrote a post about how I had started a bullet journal of sorts, using lots of small picture stickers to highlight jobs I needed to do.  This system worked for quite a few months and I quite enjoyed it, up until my sister came to stay and I just didn't have time to keep up with it.

As a consequence, I simplified it and just wrote lists and ticked the jobs off as I did them.  This worked better and took a lot less effort peeling off stickers and putting them in the journal and then printing new sheets of stickers off every time they ran out.  I enjoyed the system for a while, and it was very colourful and fun, but I much preferred the new simplified one.

Anyway, just before Christmas I saw this new unused journal in the CS and I decided that it would be perfect to transfer my new bullet journaling system into.  It is very similar to a Moleskin notebook, which can be very pricey, but it cost just £1.99.  I just had to buy it.  It also has a handy pocket in the back for any wishlists or paperwork that I want to keep referring back to.

Above is a photo of how I now bullet journal each day. Very simple tick box for each task.  A cross gets put in the box if it doesn't get done and an arrow denotes the task is carried forward to the next day and sometimes the next and the next!  I'm much preferring this pared down, grown up version of bullet journaling and it cuts down the pieces of paper with lists on, that I have cluttering my kitchen table.


  1. I think I would prefer this type of bullet journal as well.

    God bless.

  2. At the moment I am trying out Todoist. I can access it from wherever I am if needed but I find I am just making up the list once a week and printing it down for my filofax then adding handwritten jobs on the end as they arise. I really miss my old taskworks program and nothing on the market like it but I am getting used to it. Like you I put an arrow against the ones I have not yet started. My main problem is trying not to put down 'projects' only tasks that reuire one action not several. I am learning to split projects down into smaller tasks. Hope your new method works for you - I did like the look of the stickers but can see why you have abandoned it! Viv