Sunday, 8 January 2017

Garden Update

Last weekend, OH made a big change to our garden and I'm feeling a little excited about it.

Yes, he finally took down the trampoline that LB hasn't really used in a long time now.  It was dismantled and packed neatly into a pile, ready to give away to anyone who would like it.

We're either going to put a note on the gate and see if anyone enquires after it, leave it outside the house or donate it to the next Give or Take event.

Here it is all tied up and ready to leave our possession.

It's a little sad in some ways, as LB used to love bouncing on it with her friends, but she just has very little interest these days and it doesn't justify giving garden space to it. I'm hoping it finds a new and loving home.

The exciting thing is that we now have some space at the end of our garden to relocate some of the things from the decking outside of our back door. Here's a picture of the space freed up where they will eventually go.

We need to do this, as later this year, builders will be starting work on our kitchen extension, and will require us to clear this area completely, so we're getting a head start.

OH has already relocated the Hot Composting bin he bought me for my birthday and has started using it.   Also still to be moved here, is my little green house and the potting table, but this shouldn't take long once we get our act together.

OH also needs to make a gate that opens from the existing fence, to enable easy access this area, but it's a work in progress and he's made a good start. I'll keep you posted on further progress.


  1. Exciting changes. I'm not sure what a hot composter is. I was sad when the last trampoline went ( we got through three ! ) Joe lived out there but finally stopped jumping. Our neighbours said he was in Joe's world. Have fun changing things around x

    1. Yes it does feel sad. Sort of like the end of childhood. I'll do a post about the hot composter when I get it working well. It's supposed to make usable compost in 6 weeks as opposed to 6 months and take all food waste, including cooked food, if you get it hot enough.

  2. While you will be sorry to see the trampoline go, you and LB will be happy with the extra space.

    Things look nice and neat.

    God bless.