Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Loving Lately

On a slightly more positive note than some of my recent posts, in this post I thought I'd talk about a few things that I've been loving lately.

Number one are these lovely Fortnum & Mason Macademia Nut Piccadilly biscuits that OH bought me for Christmas.  I have to admit that I am very partial to macademia nuts.  My sister often sends me products from Australia with them in and they are so tasty and not widely available in the UK. These biscuits which might now become a favourite (when I can afford them), are very tasty and are lovely as a treat every now and again, as I don't generally tend to buy biscuits at all.

The second item that I am loving lately is my new free subscription (using Tesco clubcard points) to Landscape magazine.  I used to subscribe to Top Sante magazine for a couple of years, but found that I wasn't reading it and got a bit tired of all the new health food fads that it talked about.  I decided to change back to this, which I've subscribed to before, to give me a bit more varied reading matter every month.

I'm also enjoying using this aluminium credit card wallet, that I purchased at the Ideal Home Show back in November. I'm led to believe that credit cards can now be cloned and information taken from them, when just carrying them in your handbag, using technology that can scan them from 10 feet away.  As I now regularly travel on the trains in London to go to the CS, I thought I'd start using this, which is supposed to protect and prevent your cards from being scanned.  I'd wanted one of these for a while, and at just £5, it is definitely worth the money, especially if it does what it is claimed to do.

Finally, I'm enjoying my new small and inexpensive ASUS lap top, that was also a Christmas present from OH.  He's been wanting to get me off his much larger spare laptop for ages, as I am very heavy handed on the keys and giving me this present did the job.  It also prevented LB and I arguing over who got to use it, as she can keep it to herself now I have this one.

In addition, this little laptop is very light to carry around when we go away and it has Candy Crush installed on it, which is an added bonus, but also sometimes a disadvantage, as I get addicted to playing it and lose hours of my life!

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