Saturday, 28 January 2017

Give or Take Day Again

Saturday morning was the morning of the latest Give or Take event in our borough, and as usual I had a car load of donations to take, as a result of my ongoing decluttering project. I've been looking forward to taking it for a few months now, so it's always a great relief when the event comes around.

As I've mentioned before you take donations at 11am and then from 12 noon to 3pm you can help yourself to anything that's there for free.  The last couple of times I've been I've gone at 11 am just to take donations, and today was no different.  As a consequence, once again I didn't take any photos, save for one of the 'stuff' rammed into the car ready to go.

Before loading the car, I went through everything in the boxes to make sure I was happy for it to go. I decided that a few things I'm going to try to sell on eBay.  As I'm trying to get my finances in order, it makes sense to capitalise on anything worth selling.  I didn't take a huge lot of things out, and many of them I subsequently decided to send to the charity shop instead, as selling them on eBay would be a hassle in one way or another.  The rest went to the Give or Take.

Here's a picture.

On this occasion, OH and LB came along with me to help me unload at the other end, mainly because we were donating the trampoline which was in numerous pieces.  It was just as well really, as the community centre where it was held was bang in the middle of building site due to the fact that the estate that it is on is being rebuilt.

It was a lovely spot, right on the edge of a reservoir, but just a nightmare to deliver a car full of stuff to.  Anyway, I managed to borrow a shopping trolley from the organisers to transport the trampoline parts from the car to the centre, which was very useful, and the rest of the boxes and bags we managed between us, with a bit of help from a volunteer. Sometimes at these events, you have to be pretty determined to donate or you'd be put off by the access arrangements, but I guess we are in London and they have to take the venues they can get.

As I arrived early, and OH and LB didn't want to hang around for an hour to wait until you could take things away, I didn't get any photos once again. There was, however, already a queue with at least 20 or 30 people in it, which attests to the popularity of these events. I promise I will go later to another event, when I've got less stuff to donate and get photos, as I've been promising you guys for the past year or more.

Anyway, it once again feels good to be rid of more excess.  The sewing room is a bit less cluttered. I now just need OH to put the Christmas bags back up in the loft and I need to take a box of slightly better quality items to the charity shop, which I'm determined to do in the next week as they've been hanging around way too long, then normality will resume in the sewing room and I might be able to get around to doing something creative once again.


  1. Doesn't it feel good to free up space - but I do wonder how do we get to have so much stuff? I took 6 items to the CS today - 3 large glass Ikea bowls from my 1st daughters wedding which I saved for my other daughters wedding this year but in the end we did not need them. I had two white bowls from an old dinner set and a duplicate unopened stamping ink in pearlescent pink which did not work very well. I bought two for printing the wedding favours then ended up printing in black! I hope someone else will be able to use it as it makes me feel I haven't been too wasteful even though it was only 50p at the time in the bargain basket at Hobbycraft. I hadn't heard of Give or Take days but what a good idea - I wish they did that at the local tip as I hate to see all that stuff being thrown away into skips. I'm sure a lot of it could be repurposed and useful to someone. Enjoy your new space.

    1. I don't know how we manage to accumulate so much, well I do in my case, of course, just too much shopping and hoarding of stuff. I'm working on it.

  2. Someone is going to be very happy with the trampoline!

    It's so nice to be able to have a good sort out and know that the stuff will find a good home, everyone wins.

    1. I do hope so. I just hope that all the constituent parts were kept together as you just don't know at these events.