Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Ticking Things Off the List

In terms of my To Do List, I'm having a productive week.  I guess when you're up against the clock things tend to get done one way or another. As each thing has been ticked off the list, it has granted me the time and mental space to get on with others, some of which I've been putting off for way too long.

On Monday afternoon, I managed to finish off all of my Christmas present wrapping, whilst LB was at an after school club.  That was a big tick off the list.

Later the same evening I made a new double batch of homemade natural deodorant.  I ran out over a week ago and have been using LB's spare Aluminium free stick deodorant (what she doesn't know won't hurt her 😉). I quite liked it actually, but it's back to using my own again from today.

My eBay selling has finished for another Christmas.  I ended all of my listings on Sunday night, as it is just getting too close and I don't want to have to worry about postage and whether things reach people. This also now leaves me free to get on with what I need to do at home.

It's been the worst year for sales since I began, almost, but I've got no one to blame but myself. Sometimes, change doesn't work and isn't strictly necessary.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it comes to mind.  I live and learn.

The To Do List has been radically reduced now.  I've got a bit of cleaning to do before Wednesday when some of LB's school friends are coming for a sleepover as an end of term treat. The cleaning (i.e. of bathrooms) was on my list anyway, so this is providing me with added motivation to do it. There's the usual washing and ironing still to do, but not much else, so I'm quite enjoying this week and experiencing a relatively slow and steady lead up to Christmas.

Tomorrow, I'm back at the CS, so the cleaning will be done when I get home, after supper.

I hope your lead in to Christmas is an enjoyable one.

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  1. Ticking things off a list always makes me happy. I am glad that you are getting some of your to do list checked off.

    God bless.