Thursday, 8 December 2016

A Good Week

It's  been a good week this week, despite my small losses at the beginning of the week.  I haven't lost anything since, save that an eBay parcel I sent got lost in the post, but it was a very inexpensive thing to replace for a customer, and it is so rare for anything to go amiss in my experience anyway.  It makes me grateful for our postal services.

My sister in Australia says that postal services there are dire and things always go missing.  I've had my parcels to her go missing too, so I know from personal experience and don't like to post things now.

My two days at the CS so far this week have gone okay. It's quite interesting as the new manager puts up our weekly sales results on the staff notice board, so we can see how well the shop is doing with regard to it's targets. It's quite interesting reading and nice to have access to them, as it makes you feel more involved.

We've got a staff Christmas dinner planned at a restaurant near the shop next Monday evening. There isn't a huge budget for it, and I wouldn't expect there to be, but the fact that there's one at all, is quite encouraging in terms of feeling making volunteers feel valued.

Today, I've spent the day at home, save for going to the gym, going out to do a bit of top up grocery shopping and post some more eBay parcels.  It's been nice to just enjoy time in my house pottering.

I haven't been using the dishwasher for a few days, because I was awaiting an order I'd made which included some dishwasher tablets.  It was late coming, (10 days from placing the order due to Christmas and Cyber Monday I guess) so I ran out, but was loathe to spend any more money on more tablets, so had to make do washing up by hand.  (I ran out of dish soap too, which was also on the order, but relented and bought another bottle to see me through until it arrived today)

It wasn't a great hardship, but it was a bit annoying. However, I was very disappointed when the parcel arrived today, as the box was all squashed and leaking the dish washing liquid all over the contents. Luckily, it only contained household, food and toiletry products, but if it had contained gifts,which I sometimes purchase from this particular company, they would have been ruined.

I promptly sent off and email letting the company concerned, know what had happened. I'm not really the complaining type, but when a fifth of the bulk liquid you've bought ends up all over the other contents, they need to know.  The delivery company were at fault in this instance, as the box looked like it had been dropped from a height. I'm waiting to hear back, but here's a couple of photos I took of the box and contents. A lot of the card board packaging of the other products was slimy and soggy.

Not impressed!

Anyway, on a brighter note, tonight, we're heading to our local mall for John Lewis's yearly Christmas shenanigans for loyalty card holders.  It's more for OH to do a bit of Christmas shopping, as most of mine is done. I'm thinking of returning what I bought for my sister last week at the Oxford Street store and exchanging it for something else, as I'm not sure it's her kind of thing.  If we're lucky we should get a glass of fizz and a chance to look around the store without it being too full.

How's your week been?


  1. So far other than the deep freeze arriving, and the 30 cm of snow that fell, this week has been wonderful. I even managed to get Harvey to go shopping with me!! That is something he has not done in a number of years. Did spend a bit more, but I can remember this happening when he used to come along shopping. A few extra items was nothing when I look at the help I got getting the groceries and such loaded and unloaded.

    Not having to drive on these slippery roads was another plus in my books.

    God bless.

    1. OH rarely comes shopping with me, but when he does it's great because he usually pays!