Friday, 16 December 2016

Getting Ready for Christmas

Tonight, I was happy to get home from the CS after a busy week. There seems to have been a constant stream of customers in and out of the door, which has been really good news for business.

As I've spent most of my last couple of days there on the till, this his kept me occupied.  It is, however, quite tiring, so I was pleased to get home and know that I don't have to be back there until Tuesday.

Since getting home, I've been winding down from my busy week, by mainly spending the time catching up on watching my favourite YouTube channels.  I am getting a bit more selective about what I watch lately, as time constraints have meant that I can't watch everything that my favourite channels post, but I've focused on the videos that interest me most.

I've had an email from my sister in Australia tonight and it was lovely to hear from her again and catch up with her news since she returned home. I should be able to skype her on Christmas Day this year, as we will be at home, have a wifi connection and no one but ourselves around to distract me.

Talking of Christmas Day, I've also been planning my Christmas Eve/Day TV viewing.  There's not much of it, save for The Queen's Speech, possibly watching Strictly and also watching a film that I've been wanting to watch for ages, namely The Lady in the Van, which is on TV on Christmas Eve. Couldn't be more perfect timing.

On Christmas Eve during the day, OH has booked us tickets to see the Abstract Expressionist exhibition at the Royal Academy, which should be good.  We'll head into town as we always do when we stay in London, do a bit of last minute Christmas shopping (just a couple of things to get), and have lunch or supper in town before heading home to watch the film.  I'm quite excited as it should be a nice day.

Tonight, OH is out with his cycling buddies for their Christmas drinks and I am home with LB and about to embark on some Christmas present wrapping.  I enjoy making presents look extra special, so I am quite looking forward to getting stuck in.

I am, however, halfway through a bottle of Prossecco, (OH bought in a case for Christmas and to give as gifts) so I'm sampling it tonight and it's very nice indeed.  I'm not sure how the presents will turn out in the circumstances.

I hope you've got an enjoyable weekend planned.


  1. I will be wrapping up gifts tomorrow and getting one packed up to mail for a gift exchange. It won't make it by Christmas, but soon enough after.

    God bless.

    1. Good luck with your gift wrapping Jackie. I'm now about half way through mine, which feels a lot better place to be.

  2. Good job I read this - it's time to put the white wine in the freezer to chill! Enjoy the weekend. Dxx

    1. Same to you. I think I'm going to do all my wrapping after a couple of glasses in future.