Sunday, 13 December 2015

This Weekend

It's been a good weekend here for the most part. I'm still not able to post using photographs unfortunately, and haven't actually spent much time at all on the computer, which has been a positive. I'm writing this on OH's computer, as it was the only one working at the time of writing.

Saturday morning we spent doing a bit of last minute family Christmas shopping.  We find that the best time to get out and about in London is definitely Saturday morning.  As the weekend progresses, it gets progressively busier and you can easily end up spending far too much time sat in traffic, so we mostly try to stay home on a weekend.

The shopping trip was quite successful and then LB and I spent the afternoon having a wrapping fest, whilst listening to Zoella's Christmas play list (lots of Michael Buble, who I'm partial to at Christmas anyway).  I managed to get lots of wrapping done for extended family members and now just have to do the wrapping of LB and OH's presents (when they're not around).

Saturday evening was spent eating roasted chestnuts from the wood burner and watching Strictly, followed by watching two episodes of series 3 of The Bridge. Who needs to go anywhere on a Saturday night when this is on. It is such a good series, we love it. A bit creepy in parts, but some of the characters are so interesting and it is so well written/made.  It finishes next week and we will be disappointed not to be able to watch it any longer.

Sunday was less relaxing.  A dog walk, class at the gym (my last Sunday class before Christmas as the instructor is away next week, so I'll probably give it a miss), some food shopping at Lidl, emptying the ironing basket and putting away all the laundry, cooking roast beef for supper, before finally being able to relax in front of the Strictly results show.  I don't normally watch it, but as it's so close to the final, I had to.  I was a bit disappointed that Anita didn't make it through. (Sorry if this is a spoiler).

One quite exciting thing today, was that I finally got around to making some more bath bombs, some home made bath salts and then some more lip balms to give as presents this Christmas. Unfortunately the containers I'd ordered to make the lip balms in still haven't been delivered, so I had to use some others which are smaller than I'd like, but hopefully they will be well received.  LB received one in her home made advent calendar today and seems to like it.

The bath bombs I made specially for my own personal use as I had run out.  I like to have a bath with them as the water not only makes my skin feel soft, but the baking soda in it also leaves the bath sparkling clean.  I did buy some new cardboard cupcake cases to make them in, as it is hard to tamper them down firmly in paper cases and I don't have a mould for making them yet.

The bath salts were a simple mixture of Epsom salts, Pink Himalayan salt and essential oils, mixed together and put into a mason jar.  Simple, but pretty.  I might consider making some of these as gifts too, maybe next year.  I've mainly stuck with a peppermint scent for all of these items, as I really like it at the moment and it's quite seasonal too.  I may get bored of it before long though and make the next batch with something else.

This week, I think it is going to be quiet on the eBay front, as it has definitely dropped right off this last few days, so I will hopefully be able to get much more done at home in readiness for us going away.  The main priority will be Christmas cards, the remainder of the wrapping, a little bit of last minute shopping for a few presents and then packing and getting ready to leave London.

We're mostly eating from the freezer and cupboards this week in an attempt to use everything up before we go away.  I'm trying to keep shopping to a minimum.  I have one more dentist appointment this week to get my new crown fitted and then I'm looking forward to a break from treatment and from London. By the time we come back, I am hoping that we will feel refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to face the challenge of a new year.

I've been thinking quite a bit about my aims for the coming year and have a blog post ready on the subject, which I will publish nearer the time.  I hope all of your Christmas preparations are coming along well.


  1. I love The Bridge, we both felt really sorry for Saga this week watching her struggle with everything that has gone on.

    1. She is such a great character, the storyline surrounding her is almost more interesting than the murders.