Thursday, 10 December 2015

Getting Festive

Wednesday, after a bit of a manic start to the week, things quietened down a little and I was able to finally get around to cleaning up the living room, so that I could get some Christmas decorations up.

In all honesty, I have to admit to being inspired by watching Crazy About Christmas on TV the night before, followed by Kirstie's Handmade Christmas. A bit of a Christmas TV fest, but it had to be done and it certainly got me into the festive spirit.

Luckily, sales had slowed right down, so I was able to commit the afternoon to domesticity for a change.  The living room was a bit of a mess and needed a good clean up.  I washed all the decorative cushion covers, sprayed all the sofas with fabric freshener, hoovered, dusted and mopped until it was all looking much better, and  very satisfying it was too.

I didn't go mad with decorations.  Just a nod to Christmas really with a few old favourites.  I stuck to my resolution not to put the tree up, although I was sorely tempted.  Instead it was twinkly lights on the mantle piece, a snowman card holder, some festive pot pourri, a few sprigs of artificial Christmas foliage, and some Christmassy candle wreaths.

When I've cleaned up the hall and dining room, I'll put a few more bits out, including the wreath on the front door, and my new wool scrap wreath on one of the internal doors.

I keep thinking about how easy it will be to pack it all away come the New Year.  I might even get used to this minimalist decorating.  It has got OH's seal of approval already.

When I'd finished, it was lovely to sit back and watch TV, with Christmas twinkling all around me.

(I was going to add some photos into this post, but unfortunately the lap top isn't working and I am unable to upload photos on to the netbook that I am now using, so there'll probably be no Christmas photos from me this year.  I'll still try to keep posting when I can though.)


  1. Oh no, I wanted pics. Sounds very festive though.

    1. If we get the laptop working, I'll do an updated post just for you Mum

  2. Your decorating sounds just lovely.

    I was going to do a bit of decorating today, instead I got caught up reading and cutting out patterns...

    Perhaps between baking binges tomorrow.

    God Bless.

  3. Thanks Jackie, it's not quite the same without pictures is it. I hope you find time to do some of yours today.