Sunday, 29 November 2015

November Favourites

This month's favourites are a very mixed and random collection of things.  The first thing I've really enjoyed this month has been in the category of food and more specifically, low calorie snacks.

In an attempt to keep my weight stable, I rarely buy fatty snacks and crisps and instead tend to regularly buy SnackaJacks corn snacks to enjoy with my salad for lunch, or when I fancy a savoury snack treat. I tend to buy them at Home Bargains where they are the cheapest I've ever found them, but the other week they'd totally run out and I was shopping elsewhere and came across an interesting alternative at Waitrose, namely these Lentil Waves from Burts.

They are low glycemic index snacks, free from hydrogenated fats, msg, artificial colourings and flavourings and although they aren't as low fat as SnackaJacks, they have only 99 calories per 20g bag and 3-4g of fat, so they are a good alternative when I want to change things up a little. They come in packs of six for £1.99, (not exactly inexpensive) but the sour cream and chive flavoured ones I tried were very tasty indeed. I really enjoyed eating them this month and will definitely buy them again.

Another favourite this month has been this candle that I bought last month on a visit to Home Bargains with  LB.  It is a Pomegranite Blossom Fragranced Candle and cost just £1.99.  I don't think that it is soy wax, which I do prefer, and it has quite an artificial though nice smell, but for the price I was prepared to overlook these two minor issues, as I liked it and the glass jar alone with lid, was worth the price, for it's potential to be re-used when I start to make my own candles.

On a different subject, a gardening favourite this month has been this coconut coir compost block that I bought from Oxfam.  It creates 9 litres of compost by adding 6 litres of water and leaving it to stand for 24 hours. I bought it after seeing a video by Christine Kobzeff on YouTube, where she showed you how to combine it with perlite, grit and cacti/succulent compost to make a great potting compost for succulents.  This block is also a sustainable alternative to peat and is fairly traded and the packaging is paper and therefore easily recyclable.  I'll see what results I get with it and I might use it for other purposes too.  It cost £2.49 at Oxfam for this block and is a lot easier to carry home than a 10 litre bag of compost.

My last favourite this month has been a beauty item that I purchased online from Ethical Superstore. It is this Brown Sugar Organic Shampoo from Danish Brand Urtekam.  At only £5 this shampoo was very reasonably priced for an organic/natural/cruelty free brand and having used it all month, I have to say that I haven't really had any adverse reaction, it cleans my hair well and lathers well .  I re-ordered this along with a 500ml shower gel, both of which are currently have 20% off  and are £3.99 and £5.48 respectively.  I would also like try their conditioner and shampoo in other scents too. This is definitely a possible contender for a regular shampoo.

That's all for this month.  I'll be back next month with a special Christmas Favourites edition of this post.

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