Saturday, 14 November 2015

More 'Natural' Perfume

Since embarking on a more natural beauty routine for the past 6 or so months, I've really missed having a perfume that I could wear on the few occasions that I go out anywhere special.  I have been using a Neal's Yard blend of essential oils, which I have now really got into using on a daily basis and I like it, but it isn't a strong scent and does tend to wear off pretty quickly.

Anyway, after watching Rachel from All Natural Aspirations on YouTube, I heard about a company called Eden Perfumes, which sells similar perfumes to some of the famous perfume brands, but made largely from essential oils and other natural ingredients.  To be perfectly honest, I was a little sceptical, but Rachel found that they did smell like the originals (or the one she'd tried did) and that they lasted well too.

After feeling deprived for so long, I finally cracked and ordered myself a bottle the other day.  At £15 for 30ml (including postage), they are far cheaper than the similar branded versions.  I went for No. 404, which is supposed to be made from similar notes to YSL Paris, which is a longstanding favourite.

A few days later it arrived. I was quite excited to see if it did in fact resemble the original and to my surprise it did. It is largely made from natural and organic ingredients, bar one ingredient namely, alpha-isonomethyl ionone, which is regularly used in fragrances and fragranced products.  It can, however, cause allergic reactions, so there are restrictions on it's use.

Other than this, Eden perfumes apparently do not contain any nasties such as parabens or phthalates. I did, however, find the perfume itself gave me a slight headache when I first put it on. Perhaps this was because I haven't worn a 'perfume' for so long now, but it did subside within an hour or so and on subsequent use didn't affect me.  It hasn't put me off using it though and this will definitely be my go 'perfume' to for nights and days out.

When I put on the same sweater the next day, I could still smell the perfume from the night before, which was encouraging, as was the fact that LB said that I smelt like me again.  She remembered me wearing the original in the past.  If that isn't proof that it smelt very similar, I don't know what is. I may even ask for another different blend for Christmas, as there is another branded 'perfume' that I like that they also do a similar perfume to.

Here's a picture of the perfume and the box it comes packaged in.

The packaging is very simple, but not unattractive.  The perfume comes in a spray bottle that can be refilled. I believe that they are a vegan brand and they have shops in Brighton and Hove and take a stall at some Vegan Fairs, where you can get a refill rather than buy a new bottle.  If you are interested, take a look at their website

Please Note:  I purchased this item myself and this is not an affiliated post, nor am I sponsored by the above company.  I just thought they may be of interest to anyone who is looking for a more natural perfume at a reasonable cost.


  1. I could not manage without perfume.

    1. In all honesty, I have really struggled with it, so I am really pleased that I can use it again.

  2. It is a vegan brand, it's increasingly popular, lots of people seem to have come home from the fairs raving about it.

    I always think I'd like to wear perfume, just so I smell of something nice, but it makes me feel ill when I keep getting a waft of it so I just have to smell of whatever it is I smell of!

    1. Difficult to say if they are a certified vegan brand. They describe themselves as a vegan family and use a bunny on their packaging, but they're not on Cruelty-free's current list, which I realise isn't all encompassing.

      I think that sometimes it just feels a little luxurious to wear a perfume. I don't want to wear it every day, but just for special occasions, when I want to waft about, rather than smelling of my coconut oil based deodourant or worse.

    2. I think lots of smaller companies don't appear on these lists as they're just too small (and in the case of some certification are too small to have the cash to pay to appear).

      They wouldn't be accepted as stallholders at vegan fairs if they weren't vegan/ weren't selling sfv products there.