Thursday, 19 November 2015

A Wonky Wednesday

Wednesday, this week was all a bit skew whiff here.  Usually, I'd be off to the gym first thing and then back home afterwards to get on with housework and other work.  However, on account of OH having a cycling accident at the velodrome on Tuesday night and spending most of the night in A&E, all the cards were up in the air.

Having taken a taxi to the A&E, the car and his bike were left at the velodrome.  Luckily, the hospital is just up the road from where we live, so he was able to walk home when they'd finished with him there.

The result of his crash was a broken collar bone, so he came home in a sling and won't be cycling for a number of weeks.  I was just grateful that it wasn't any worse.

He'd been coming home for weeks with stories of the various crashes that had taken place, so I suppose it wasn't completely unexpected that he'd be on the receiving end of an injury at some point. I believe it's quite a competitive environment.

Anyway, we still managed to get a good night's sleep, despite getting to bed late and despite the pain he was in, so much so that we all woke up late and as LB was due on a school trip the next day, I had to jump out of bed and make sure she was up and ready to get to school on time and with everything she needed.

By the time I'd then helped OH get dressed and got ready myself I was late getting out with the dog and as I didn't have the car, my aerobics class hit the dust.  I didn't mind too much, as I needed to finish and drop off my shoe box for Operation Christmas Child and pick up the car.

I was more irritated by the fact I couldn't cancel the class, as the switchboard doesn't open until 10, when my class was due to start, so I'll incurr a £3 fine as a consequence.  I may try and argue my way out of it when I'm next there and see how far I get!

Anyway, the dog got a slightly longer walk as I wasn't so time constrained, I left OH watching a film (I think he was in a bit of shock) and then I caught the bus to the local mall to drop off the box and did a tiny bit of Christmas shopping.  It was annoyingly busy, even this much time before Christmas. I'm just glad I'm almost done and don't need to go out nearer the time.

On the way home I picked up the car and then came back home for a late lunch and to do a bit of work to post off some orders before the last post.

Not a lot of the usual stuff I do got done, the ironing basket stayed full, no laundry was done.  Dinner was a meat pie and peas that I could cook from frozen, as in all the chaos I'd forgotten to take anything out of the freezer.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day.  We're all okay and that's the main thing.

When OH rang his mother to tell her of his accident, apparently his father and brother had both injured themselves in different accidents in the last week.  She'd been waiting for the third accident. Hopefully, that's it for a while now.


  1. That does sound painful but good no worse injuries. Strange that three members of the family had accidents !
    I've done very little washing this week as had a very busy week in the shop... we are all out of clean pants !!! xx

    1. It gets like that in our house too sometimes. Usually there are some that have been washed, but just not put away.