Thursday, 12 November 2015

A Few New Books to Read

On the dog walk last Friday morning, I stopped by the new Little Free Library again, to drop off a couple of books and see if there was anything that appealed.  What I found, aside from an autobiography of a cricket commentator for OH, was this book, which for some reason I fancied reading.  I seem to be getting more and more drawn to the idea of eating less meat and this just looked to be a very interesting read.

Later on the same day, I had to pop into the library with LB, for her to take back some books and I saw this book on the shelf.

I was looking at this on Amazon the other day, with a view to asking for it for Christmas, so when I saw it I thought, why not borrow it and save OH some money.  So I did.

The following week, despite being on a no buying of books ban, as I've got so many still to read on my shelves, I'm afraid I was a little naughty, as when I popped into Poundland the other day, I found four books that sounded like they were worth a read for £1 each.

Here they are:

One is by Lucy Diamond and I've read a few of her books over the last couple of years and have really enjoyed them.  This one sounds like a good read too.  The other three authors are all from the US and the synopsis on the sleeves sound interesting, so I indulged myself. I've often bought books from here and they've more often than not turned out to be good reads too. Definitely good value.

They will of course be shared around once read via the Little Free Libraries, so call them a future community donation.  Sounds much better than self-indulgence. I'm looking forward to reading all of these books.  Consequently, there could be some more book reviews coming in the not too distant future. Brace yourselves!


  1. I am heading downstairs next week to cull through my books again... It is pretty bad when an entire wall of bookcases (ceiling to floor) are full and there is no room for more. Hanging head in shame, but it is my one major vice.

    God bless.

    1. There are many worse vices books Jackie. I too do find some of them hard to part with.