Monday, 2 November 2015

Getting tough on Stuff in 2015 - October

Well, last month after finally donating the huge pile of items that I'd gathered over the previous few months, October meant a clean slate to re-start the process of further decluttering.  I wasn't sure that I'd find much more to declutter, but as I continue with the process, I am literally finding more and more things that I no longer feel I want to keep.  This is very good news.

In October, I managed to find a total of 86 items to donate.  Mostly clothing, scarves and belts, but a few books, audio visual and other items were also found.  I had a good sort through my scarf drawer. I used to wear vintage neck scarves a lot and began collecting them, but lately it is rare that they see the light of day, so those that I no longer felt attached to for whatever reason, I decided to donate.

The audio visual cupboard also got culled this month and any dvds, cds and videos not watched or listened to, also got put in the donation box. When added to last month's running total of 1085 items donated so far this year, my current total now stands at 1171 and it feels great to still be making progress on this front.

Next month, I'm intending to go through my handbags and purses and donate a few that sit unused in the top of the wardrobe.  I may also take another look at the clothes and see what else can go. I'm also finally going to take all my old cassette tapes to the tip, as I don't have a player to play them on and never get them out. Although these won't count as they aren't strictly being donated, the time seems right to me now to let go and I tend to go with my instincts and feelings when it comes to decluttering, to avoid regrets.

If there is another give and take event next month we also have a couple of bicycles that can be donated, which will clear some space in the garden and I may also take another look at my costume jewellery, which I rarely wear, and see if there are more items that I'm happy to part with.  I'll report back on progress next month


  1. Great progress - you may even make 2000 by the end of the year!

  2. I saw a suggestion on Facebook, take an old hand bag, fill it with useful lady things and give it to a homeless woman you see, great idea, but here in Fareham I do not see many homeless people. I will put together a bag and leave it in my car, who know's.

    1. That's a nice idea. Just make sure you leave it out of sight so no one breaks into your car thinking there might be money in it.