Sunday, 22 March 2015

Alternative Living Spaces

In the last few months I've mentioned that I've been watching YouTube videos on a reasonably regular basis.  Although quite a few of these have been beauty related, more recently I've become interested in some of the more alternative minimalist living videos out there on the web. There's a plethora of interesting videos of home hacks or tiny living spaces, that I find fascinating and completely inspiring, especially when I'm in the process of decluttering and simplifying.

Here's a few of my current favourite channels for inspiration:

1)  Kirsten Dirksen 

This channel is probably my favourite and is completely fascinating.  Kirsten has made hundreds of videos about tiny self built living spaces, plus lots of other interesting videos about slow/alternative/self sufficient/minimalist living. She has an incredibly positive outlook and the contents of her videos are very inspiring.  If there's nothing to interest me on the TV, I can look through her back catalogue of videos and can always find something interesting and illuminating to watch.

2)  SPACEStv

Similarly, this YouTube channel also focuses on alternative living spaces and provides videos of some amazing small homes around the globe. Although this channel doesn't seem to have broadcast any videos since last July, it is still worth exploring some of their older videos, especially when you're looking for some simple living inspiration.

3)  Living Big in a Tiny House

This channel also specialises in videos about living in small spaces. Although you may not wish to downsize your life to quite the extent of many of the contributors, it includes some incredibly useful ideas and makes fascinating watching.


  1. I shall go and have a gander.

    1. I hope you find something that interests you.

  2. Thanks for this, something I am also interested in.

    1. I hope you find these channels useful.