Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A Few More Frugalities

In the last couple of weeks, I have been trying a lot harder to get back to more frugal spending or non-spending habits. A few recent frugalities include the following;

1. I had to return something to a shop the last week and was initially tempted to do an exchange and find something else I liked.  On looking around I decided better of it and just got the refund.

2.  I currently have an annual subscription to Prima magazine, with which you can receive a free sewing pattern each month if you so opt.  I was opted in, but for some reason when I re-subscribed using my Tesco Clubcard tokens, I was opted back out again and hadn't been receiving them for a couple of months.  As a consequence, the other day I called the magazine and re-opted to have the monthly sewing patterns sent to me and also requested the one's I'd missed so far.  Any I decide not to use I may sell on eBay or donate them for others to use.  Now I just need to get around to using them.

3.  I finally got around to listing a bunch of Little Bird's outgrown clothes on eBay.  Any proceeds I will be using to buy some Christmas presents early and other essential purchases.

4. I put in an order with Approved Food this week, for amongst other things, a box of 52 dishwasher tabs which worked out at £4 and 5 litres of Fairy Washing up Liquid for £10, which although wasn't quite as good a deal, does mean that I won't need to put it on my shopping list for a good while and also I will be reducing waste and recycling, by not throwing out multiple small bottles when they are finished.

5.  I bulk bought (on clearance) six months worth of dog waste bags (375) from TK MAXX for £7, which surprisingly worked out far cheaper than the ones I've been buying lately from ASDA and a local shop on our high street. Another item that won't be on the shopping list for a good while.

(I've decided that I don't mind bulk buying items, so long as they are in one pack, as opposed to multiple packs, are not likely to become rendered unusable and are relatively easy to store.)

6. I managed to buy some Cadbury's Easter eggs for my Sister's family in Australia, whilst they were on offer at half the normal price in Tesco.  I send a box of Cadbury's confection to them every Easter and Christmas, as the chocolate in Australia doesn't taste the same.  Getting a good deal does help to cut the cost, especially with the postage being so expensive.


  1. My brother is in the US, I didn't think of sending him some easter chocolate but I'm sure it would be appreciated. There are so many small choccy items for sale too.

    1. I read recently that there is a company somewhere in the UK who export Cadbury's chocolate to the US. Apparently, they can only send it to individuals, as I think there is a US company who has the entire import rights for the US, but they have created a business which gets around this by selling to individuals and not commercially to businesses. Sounded like a genius idea to me. Good luck to them.