Thursday, 5 February 2015

Mixing It Up At The Gym

I've not worked out in the gym at the Leisure Centre where I do my classes, for at least a couple of years now.  I decided I was spending too much time doing classes and gym workouts and it was eating too much into my days, so the gym time got shelved.

Just recently, however, inspired by someone I was talking to the other day, who has recently started attending a rowing club, I've been getting back in the gym, usually after classes, to spend a little bit of time on the rowing machine.  I forgot how much I liked the rowing machine.  It has to be my favourite piece of gym equipment. (The only one I actually enjoy, if I'm honest)

I'm trying to make a habit of just spending 15/20 minutes on this machine, a couple of times a week after I've done a class.  I enjoy the rhythmic nature of rowing, its very therapeutic allowing me to spend a little time thinking about things as I row, watch the TV screens or chat to a friend if they are in the gym too.  I also like that it's not a high impact exercise, which is great at my age.

I'm all for looking after my joints and often work a lower level at some things in classes, to avoid too much impact on my joints.  I'm already starting to feel the benefit of the rowing machine, as I can feel muscles aching that are not normally worked in my usual classes.

As a consequence of getting back in the gym, I've also dug out my old iPod, which hasn't seen the light of day for a few years.  You can tell how long it has been by the music on it, but I'm too embarrassed to divulge what the three albums on it are.  I definitely need to raid Little Bird's and OH's iTunes accounts and fill it with some more up to date music to listen to.  It's nice to make use of it again though, instead of it sitting in the cupboard unused and unloved.

I'm really enjoying mixing up the exercise a bit, as I've been doing the same classes for quite a long time now, and although I still love them, I think my body needs more variation to effect any improvements.  In addition, one of my instructors is currently pregnant, which is wonderful, but she will obviously be taking a break for a while once the baby is born and if I don't enjoy the classes taught by her replacements, I may need to diversify and change my classes up a little.

Away from the gym, I'm also starting to cycle a bit more.  I'll be posting about the reason for this later this month, but it feels good to be back in the saddle so to speak and fitting that extra bit of exercise into my week.

I probably sound like a bit of an exercise obsessive, and I guess that I am really, but you probably wouldn't necessarily think so to look at me. I'm not at all svelte or particularly athletic in build. Regardless of what I might look like to others, however, I feel better for exercising regularly and that is the main motivation for me.

Do you exercise?  What is your exercise of choice?


  1. My favourite is the rowing machine too and I also have a go on the walking one while watching the TV. I don't run - my bra's not up to it!

    1. Me neither, I don't like running. Not built for it.

  2. My main form of exercise is a walk every day. I may just have to diversify as well. A rowing machine sounds about perfect.

    God bless.