Thursday, 12 February 2015

Bedroom Blitz - Part 3

In order to keep up momentum on the long overdue deep clean of our bedroom, (that I promised myself I would undertake this February) I've been adding the cleaning of a different part of the room to my to do list each week.  Last week was the turn of the beauty station and this week it was time to turn my attention to the wall of wardrobes. Here's a before picture of what this wall looked like before I started on this task.

We have two wardrobes in our bedroom.  The original one was bought  from Habitat many years ago and is part of the same range as the tall boy chest of drawers, where I keep all my socks, underwear, etc. The second wardrobe we acquired later and although it is not from the same range, does match quite well with the room and is very useful as it allows OH and I to have a wardrobe each. No more arguing over shelf or hanging space, which makes for a very peaceful life, clotheswise at least.  In addition, the full length mirror is so useful for making sure I'm happy with my appearance each morning.

I must admit that a few of my lesser worn, bulkier items have made it into OH's wardrobe, but he doesn't seem to mind as he doesn't have that many clothes, and neither did the moths when they were found to be frequenting his wardrobe a while back.

Although I quite regularly go through my wardrobe and clear out the things I no longer wear or want to keep, and despite having cleaned out OH's wardrobe and thrown out lots of moth eaten things after the nasty moth infestation, I haven't properly cleaned inside, on top and behind the wardrobes for quite a while, so a lot of dust has gathered.

Today, I decided to make a start on banishing the dust, having a bit of a declutter and moving around some of the furniture.  The first thing I wanted to get rid of was the small TV on top of the chest of drawers. It's been there since we moved in seven years ago, but we haven't actually watched it for probably the last five years. This is in part due to the fact that it is an analogue TV, but also due to the fact that we don't get a good reception here as we have no aerial socket nearby, so we have given up on it altogether and it has sat gathering dust for ages.

To be honest, I don't actually want a TV in my bedroom any longer, as I never watch TV in bed, so I am quite happy not to be able to use it and although it still works and we could use it in conjunction with our old digibox, it is time to let it go and take it to the recycling plant. This will free up a bit of space to arrange a few other things on this surface instead and thin out another area.

I only had a couple of hours to do the task today, as I had to do the afternoon dog walk, so I started straight after lunch.  Luckily OH was around for a while, to help me move the wardrobes and chest, and I managed to clean behind and on top of each one, hoover, mop and polish the furniture with a beeswax furniture polish.  It felt so good to get rid of all that dirt that I just hadn't been able to reach.

I had a little move around, just for a change and because the chest was obscuring a socket.  In addition, the mirror part of the wardrobe door has swung back a couple of times onto the corner of the chest and I was worried it might break the mirror if this happened again with any force. Here's how the room looks now.

It doesn't look a whole lot different, but I know it's all lovely clean and I was able to put my costume jewellery box out on the chest top, instead of leaving it to languish in the bottom of the wardrobe.  I may add a candle or vase here too at some point in the future, if it looks okay.

I still need to clean the inside of the wardrobes, and possibly the chest of drawers, if it is needed, but that will have to wait until tomorrow, as time didn't allow me to do it today.

I'm now just about half way around the bedroom, just OH's side of the bed and underneath the bed left to do, and I am hoping to complete most of the blitz this month.  I may have to carry it over into the first week of March to complete the full room, (on account of us going away for a week) but with a bit of luck I'll keep to my schedule and get it done. I'll keep you posted on progress.


  1. Little steps will get you there.

  2. We removed our TV years ago, and have taken it further, the only device in our bedroom is radio alarm clock. No phones or iPads allowed, I read an article on blue light before bed can disrupt sleep patterns.It's nice to have one room in the house free from our instant world.