Sunday, 15 February 2015

Bedroom Blitz Part 3.5

After part completing this week's task in my bedroom blitz, the remaining part of the task was completed on Friday.  It took another couple of hours, but this and a bowl of soapy water with a few drops of lavender oil in it to deter the moths, was all that I needed to complete the clean out the wardrobes.

I started with OH's wardrobe as there's less in it.  I found a few bits of mine in there and decided to let go of one coat that I know I'll never wear again.  There were also some old paint stained work clothes I'd hung onto for painting jobs, but when I tried them on they were so unflattering that I decided to throw them out. I've got plenty of things I'm thinking about throwing out in my own wardrobe, that I can use as work clothes.

I did hang onto one old pair of denim jeans.  These promptly had the legs cut off and are now denim shorts.  I got the idea from a lady at the gym who wears some cut offs in classes and they look great. I just need them to fray up a bit now and look a bit more lived in.  I'm taking them away with me and hoping to get some use out of them. The only downside I'd say they have, is that they are button fly, which is a bit annoying.  I'll see how I go with them.

Having cleaned out OH's wardrobe and replaced the sticky moth trap, I moved on to cleaning out my own wardrobe.  I did finally decided to donate a few more things that I've been umming and ahhing about for a while.  It was time for them to go. I filled another bag with all the things I found to donate, which was a good sign.

I'm now left with 31 items of clothing hanging in there for my winter wardrobe.  A few other things are in the wash or packed ready to go away, but I'm hoping that I can limit my clothes to using just 40 hangers in the wardrobe each season. This seems to me to be a comfortable amount for the size of the wardrobe and means there's no squashing up of the clothes causing unnecessary creasing.  I got the idea from a pin on Pinterest and it seemed a much more managable idea for me than Project 333, where you have just 33 items including shoes and accessories for every 3 month period.

I don't think I could realistically manage with just 33 items in total at the moment. I may move more towards this when I get my wardrobe exactly how I want it, if that is ever possible. I'm almost there. There's not much more I want to purchase save for a pair of black leather knee length boots and a new pair of skinny jeans in a dark indigo. I will probably wait until next autumn to buy the boots, unless, of course, I see any I like in a sale through the year.

There are a few things still in my wardrobe that I may donate in the near future.  Mainly some coloured skinny canvas jeans I bought the other year, but I am hanging onto them for now to see if I can get a bit more use out of them.  They weren't expensive, so I've probably got more than my money's worth out of them already, but they are looking a little faded and I'm liking them less and less as time goes on. They will probably eventually become reserved for outdoor activities such as gardening and going to the allotment, plus other messy jobs, such as cleaning and painting.  I think I may stick to black or indigo in the future, and keep it simple.

With both wardrobes cleaned and decluttered, I could finally tick this part of the bedroom blitz off my to do list.  Now I can turn my attention to the packing for the holiday.

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