Sunday, 22 February 2015

Brrrr..............Back in Blighty

Well, after 6 days sunning ourselves in Tenerife where it was a lovely 20+ degrees centigrade every day, it was back to freezing cold England yesterday.  We were welcomed by a very light flurry of snow, which was a bit of a shock to the system.

The house felt particularly cold when we got home, but we soon got the wood burner going and it started to warm up.  It was lovely to see our little dog again though, who for once seemed quite pleased to have us home.  We miss her when we go away without her.

We did have a lovely week though and have returned feeling very relaxed and with a very slight tan. Just enough to give us a healthy glow. Our room was lovely, the hotel was clean and well run by very friendly and helpful staff and there were lots of activities available if you wanted to partake of them.

It was the first All Inclusive holiday that we've ever been on and I have to admit that it was mighty strange not needing to spend any money most days.  We did manage to go off site some days and do a little recreational shopping or activities, and spend the small amount of money we'd taken with us.

I think I would definitely do it again, as on account of not having to buy food, I came back with a new watch (£12) on the Ryanair flight out, a Pull and Bear sweater (£13) and clutch (£4.50 in the sale), a pair of black ball stud earrings (80p from a trip to a market), a Revlon Post Trauma nail strengthener (£3 from the market), 4 new pairs of pants (£4.50 also from the market - I usually buy these from markets in France, but was able to get some here too) and finally, I treated myself to a Gosh Eyebrow kit on the Ryanair flight home and I love it. A great holiday as far as I'm concerned and these were my souvenirs.

Most days were spent lounging by the pool, playing far too much Candy Crush/reading/swimming/sunbathing. One day was spent visiting a local market then relaxing on the beach on hired loungers, listening to some fabulous R&B and soul tracks emanating from the nearby beach bar. Felt like heaven. You can't go abroad without visiting the beach for at least one day now can you. OH managed to get in a couple of decent cycle rides up the mountainsides and he and Little Bird also visited a local water park which they loved.

The only downsides were that although the food was generally okay, there were days when I struggled to find something I wanted to eat for supper.  Our last day of sunning ourselves by the pool was dramatically curtailed when a poo was found in the water, causing the pool to be closed for the rest of the day for cleaning!!  The only other annoyance was the noise of the hot tub on our terrace, which we couldn't switch off and which kept me awake until 1 am on a couple of nights.  A hard life I know, but someone's got to do it.

Having said all that, we had a super time, and best of all I didn't put on a pound of weight which is rare when I go on holiday.  We even made a new discovery this trip, namely that the meet and greet car parking service at the airport is worth every penny of it's £10 cost, by both saving time and the need to get on a transfer bus to the car park. We'll definitely be using the service again on our next trip.

For now though, it's back to normality.  There's school uniform to iron and a meal to cook.  I hope you've all had a good week.


  1. Sounds as if you had a lovely time. Welcome home.

    God bless.

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    2. Sounds like a nice relaxing break. Good to return to pets and an organised house too.