Thursday, 13 November 2014

Getting Back My Knitting Mojo

Since visiting the Knitting and Stitching Show last month, I've been seriously getting my knitting mojo back.  I've tried a bit of macro fabric yarn knitting, finished a scarf I started last winter to use up some odd balls of wool and started a brand new project to knit a long burgundy/maroon scarf using several balls of velour yarn that I found in a charity shop for a few pounds.

A week or so ago I managed to find a pair of macro knitting needles on eBay that were half the cost of the ones I'd seen at the show, but not as big either.  They are 25mm in diameter though which is much bigger than anything I already had.  Here's a picture. 

I haven't actually started knitting with them yet, as I just haven't had chance to sort out some fabric yarn, but it is near the top of my list when I get a window of opportunity.  I'll let you know how I get on.

I'm quite liking how the new maroon scarf is turning out, it's actually virtually finished now, just a few rows to go.  I need to leave enough wool to sew the ends together as  I'm not sure whether to keep it a scarf or make it into a snood.  I'll see what it is like both ways, when I do finish it.

The needles I used were probably a little large for this yarn, so it has a loose feel to it, but I don't mind that as it's probably going to be wrapped around my neck a good few times.  It is very soft to the touch, so I'm quite looking forward to finishing it and wearing it now the weather has turned colder. 

As you've probably noticed, my knitting is very basic and tends to be just garter stitch.  I've been thinking for a while now of taking a course to develop my knitting skills further, but I haven't found one that suits yet.  It might make life a bit more interesting in more ways than one.


  1. a knitting course sounds fun !

  2. Go for it - or if it's too cold to go out there's always Youtube.

    1. Never thought of that. I might try that first until I find a course I like.

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