Friday, 28 November 2014

Christmas Prep Catch Up

I've not posted much this week, mainly because I've been a bit busy with my small business, which has been nice for a change, so I haven't really had much to blog about.

We eventually made a little trip to the mall last night, after having promised Little Bird since last weekend that we'd go and do a bit of Christmas shopping.  We ended up having tea out which made a nice change from cooking.  It wasn't too busy at the mall, which we were all grateful for.  Two hours of shopping, however, was more than enough, as by the time we left we were feeling incredibly drained and frazzled.

On a positive note, I managed to finish the major part of my Christmas shopping.  As both Little Bird and OH wanted new trainers, they had to be chosen and tried on, but both were happy with the outcome, which in turn made me very happy, despite having to part with the cash for them.  A few other small bits and pieces were bought too, mainly from Boots with their three for two gift offers and a special promotion on one of the cosmetic brands, which meant Little Bird was able to get 4 items as gifts, for the price of two.  Result.

I also had a voucher to get £8 off a £40 Waitrose shop, through my My Waitrose membership, so a few bottles of spirits as Christmas gifts and a few boxes of chocolates and we were able to make use of it, which also made me very happy.

I still have a couple of small presents to buy, which will probably necessitate one more short trip, (after a few phone calls have been made to fish for ideas), and then it will be all done for this year.  I'm waiting until next month when I will have the cash to finish off.

Today, being Black Friday, I'm keeping well away from the shops.  I have been inundated with online deals, so even doing that I can't get away from it and made a small purchase on line of a gift requested by OH.  Judging by the news stories already circulating of fights in supermarkets, I think I made the right decision.

Tomorrow, I believe is International Buy Nothing Day and I will happily be joining in with it, as in the first instance, I have no money left to spend this month and in the second, I will be turning my efforts to towards cleaning the house in readiness for putting up the decorations and our tree at some point in the near future.

How are your Christmas preparations going?


  1. My Christmas gifts are made, or bought for my family just have to wrap them.

    I still have Hubby to buy for, but I finally did get an idea out of him as to what he wants.

    My brothers and my nieces are still to go, but they get gift cards. I plan on getting those at the beginning of December.

    Decorating and baking will start in December as well.

    God bless.

    1. I've just made some mince pies today, which are my first of the festive season. I'm sure I'll be making more before Christmas day comes around. It's more about using what's in the cupboard instead of buying more food in at the moment though.

  2. The tree was chosen today and will be delivered on Monday. Let Christmas commence!

  3. Yesterday we went to a garden centre which does wonderful Christmas displays & chose four lovely baubles for the tree.