Monday, 17 November 2014

A Quiet Weekend

After a busy few days last week, the weekend was lovely and quiet.  We didn't have a lot planned, save that Little Bird was heading out to a birthday party on the Saturday evening and I was planning to attend a Christmas Bazaar at the local hospice on Saturday morning, which I did.

The bazaar was one I attend every year.  It is the same organisation that hold regular jumble sales throughout the year.  I didn't spend a huge amount of money on this occasion, probably £10 only, and didn't actually bring much stuff home with me this time, but I did manage to buy a couple of packs of Christmas cards, knowing that all of the money will go to the charity concerned, which was good.  I also bought quite a few more second hand books to keep my supply from dwindling.  (This is a definite understatement).  One of which was an old favourite of mine, that I can remember getting out of the library and reading whilst studying the history of health and social welfare, namely, Walter Greenwood's 'Love on the Dole'.  It will be good to revisit it.  The only other things I bought were a couple of unused gift bags for Christmas wrapping.

The rest of the weekend was spent parceling up orders and preparing stock to sell and getting up to scratch on household tasks.   No rest from my small business for me on a weekend in the lead up to Christmas, but I don't mind a bit, as I am just pleased to be making lots of sales.  I also managed to do a bit of Christmas shopping on line for various people's presents, so my list of gifts left to buy is going down quite nicely.  I also got the presents I need to send to Australia all boxed up and ready to go.  I just need to buy some parcel tape now to secure the boxes before taking them to the Post Office.

A quietly productive weekend.


  1. It's great when things 'get done', isn't it.

  2. Our local church has its yearly Crisis Coffee morning this Saturday selling crafts and gifts and home baking - all the money goes to provide the homeless with a special Christmas day and I usually come away with one or two small gifts and a nice cake or two.

    1. It's good to know exactly where your money is going, isn't it?