Sunday, 23 November 2014

A Weekend of Pick Ups and Drop Offs

Today, it has rained and rained and rained some more.  From the minute I woke up this morning, it has been constantly raining.  It's becoming a bit of a bore now.

The dog walk this morning was a wet one, cut short as the dog wasn't bothered and neither were we really.

The drive to the gym was a wet one.  The roads in London can never cope with constant rainfall and huge deep puddles arise in places.  I like to go carefully and try not splash unsuspecting pedestrians, as we are sat in relative warmth and comfort in the car and they are already getting wet enough.  A few more people should do the same in my experience.

OH was away this weekend, visiting a client in Germany.  So, it was just Little Bird, me and the dog and double dog walking duty for me, as well as being a taxi service to and from the airport and for Little Bird to go to her friend's.  Much like many other peoples' weekend I imagine.   I don't really mind, as I did get a bit of time to do my own thing in between and Saturday night supper was bought in from the posh chippy.  A very occasional treat, a portion shared between Little Bird and I, might I add.

Today, we were going to brave it and go to the local mall for a girly shopping afternoon, but as it was raining cats and dogs, we decided not to bother.  On our last visit on a rainy day a few weeks ago, the mall was rammed like it was Christmas, and it nearly is now, so it was sure to be worse.

Instead we stayed home, had soup and crusty bread for lunch, another wet walk with the dog and then in the evening headed out for the airport pick up.  Not a particularly exciting nor productive weekend, but sometimes it's nice to just kick back and do very little.

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