Thursday, 3 July 2014

Where did the week go?

It's been a bit of a hectic week this week.  Mondays are always a bit fraught, as I am here, there and everywhere, and as a consequence, no cleaning got done for a friend's impending visit.

Subsequently, I spent the whole of the afternoon and evening on Tuesday cleaning the house in readiness for my friend's arrival.  Luckily, I didn't need to meet her until 9pm, so I just about managed to do everything I needed to.  It was good to get it done, as I can now enjoy the rest of July knowing it has had a good clean.

After collecting my friend from the exhibition she was attending, in which some of her work was being shown, it was back home for drinks, food and a good catch up.

On Wednesday I was booked onto a new Zumba class (quite challenging, but good), whilst my friend enjoyed an impromptu visit to a local design museum, followed by a return to the exhibition.  Later, we all met up with her in the City for dinner, before dropping her off at the station to catch her train home.  It was a bit of a whirlwind visit, but I think she enjoyed it.  It was lovely to have a visitor and for us to catch up with each others' news.

Today, Little Bird had a big day ahead of her, as she was attending a taster day at her new secondary school.  She was a bit nervous and very excited at the same time.  She made her way there with a few of her primary school friends, who will also be attending the school in September.  She got to meet her new teacher and find out who her future classmates will be.  All very exciting stuff for her.  When she got home she had to make some buns for the School Fete tomorrow.  They turned out pretty well.

The dog also had an important day, as she was being filmed in a promo video that the dog trainer had organised.  OH gave her an impromptu groom, so that she looked her absolute best.  Film star dog, well almost, what next?

With the dog out all afternoon, I could get out in the garden and dig some more bindweed out of the borders.  It keeps coming back, but I'm determined to eradicate it eventually.  I took the cover off the greenhouse, so that if it rains whilst we're on holiday over the summer, the plants can get a watering.  I also planted up some more tomato plants in another grow bag.  Some of the remaining ones I'm sending to the school for the fete tomorrow and the rest, which were a bit leggy, will get put outside the house for anyone to take, if they want them that is.  It was nice to have the garden to myself for once and get on and do a few jobs uninterrupted.

Tomorrow, we're heading up to Yorkshire to watch the Grand Depart of the Tour de France.  The race is passing through the village that we're staying in, where OH's sister lives.  I might use the opportunity to take Little Bird on a little excursion in West Yorkshire, to one of my favourite tourist attractions, if the roads aren't too affected by the Tour that is.  I will blog about it should it actually happen.  OH should get to see the tour again when we get back too, as on Monday it comes to London. 

A busy week and the summer holidays are hurtling towards us at high speed.  I hope you're having a great week.


  1. These days I don't say " Where did the week go ?" I say, Where did the month go ?" !!!

    What was your friend exhibiting ?
    Have fun in Yorkshire x

    1. It was a Graphic Design Degree work show. She's just finished five years of studying part-time whilst working full-time. And I think I get busy sometimes!