Saturday, 12 July 2014

A Sunny Saturday and Sanity Returns

After a very hectic week, it was such a relief when Saturday rolled around, as I could get back to some sort of normality.  OH was feeling a lot better, after feeling very ill for a couple of days, which was a great relief.  Partly on the dog walking front, as I'd been doing double shifts, but mainly because it meant that everyone was now restored to good health.  He'd caught the same bug as Little Bird had earlier in the week, but seemed to suffer it a little worse.  We didn't have any particular plans for the weekend, save me for attending a gym class each morning, so the rest of the time was our own.

I had a long awaited half hour or so lie in on Saturday morning and read my current book.  It was the first one I'd had for a few weeks.  The rest of the morning I caught up on some blog reading and posting, email, clearing up the bombsite that was the kitchen and generally just pottered around in my night dress.  It was blissful.  I was just relieved to have a little time to spend on the things I wanted and needed to do.

Later, I got ready and cycled off to my class.  On the way home I called into the library to return some books that were overdue.  I just hadn't managed to return them this week, with one thing and another.  I hate getting overdue fines, seems such a waste of money, £1.60 in this instance.  As consolation, I did pick up a bit of a bargain whilst there, as they were selling off old stock. 


I saw this book and couldn't resist buying it.  The synopsis on the cover sounded good and I have a feeling I've read good reviews of it in the past.  It had a bit of damage to the spine and is large print, but for 20p was brilliant, especially as a bit of sellotape soon had it virtually good as new. 

When I got back home it was bacon sandwiches and salad for lunch, followed by reading some of the newspapers, hanging out the washing and a bit of pottering in the garden.  There were just a few small gardening tasks I wanted to complete before we go away.  It was a lovely sunny day.  Wonderful for gardening.  What could be better after a busier than usual week.

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